GPU for 1440p 144 hz gaming on high settings

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    Hi all, first post in this sub! Anyways. Looking for advice on a GPU for my first build. I want to play 1080p games at 144 hz (or 240 hz) and 1440p games at 144 hz on high to ultra settings.

    I'm willing to shell out up to $750 if it will get me what I want, but would prefer to keep it closer to $500 if possible. Ray tracing isn't that important to me at the moment, so I could just as soon take a GTX card as an RTX card.

    Would I be better off with a 1070 TI or 1080 TI GTX card or something like a 2070 Super or 2080 Super RTX card? And if I do get a used GTX card, where can I go to find one that can be trusted to sell genuine working cards?
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    Gainward 2080Ti
    1080ti/2070s is good start
    btw 1440 at 144fps need twice power like 1080p at 144fps especialy on high or ultra

    p.s. maybe 5700xt it ok too, but if you unluck and get trouble with driver ...
    and honestly not better than 1080ti in any way

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