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gpu dedicated for RAY TRACING

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by sajibjoarder, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. sajibjoarder

    sajibjoarder Master Guru

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    gtx 1080 FE
    i was wondering if it is possible, suppose i have two gpus and like physx i can dedicate one gpu for ray tracing and one for other work. since normal cuda cores or steam cores are capable of ray tracing, so cant we use a gpu just dedicated for ray tracing another for gamin..
  2. Geryboy

    Geryboy Ancient Guru

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    2080ti AMP Zotac
    as far as the advertisement was right, the cuda cores are pretty bad at doing the job and RTX already has dedicated core for it. So no need and highly inefficient.

    Pretty sure not possible by software. @ selecting the workload.
  3. fantaskarsef

    fantaskarsef Ancient Guru

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    1080Ti @h2o
    Not sure about this one, since ray traying (DXR if you're talking about dx12) does work on a closer to hardware level... I'm not sure you can flag a GPU to do dedicated parts of DX12.
    With Crytek's adoption, maybe? Still wouldn't count on it tbh.
  4. jbscotchman

    jbscotchman Ancient Guru

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    MSI 1660 Ti XS OC
    I seriously doubt it. Not to mention like Ray-Tracing, Physx only worked properly in a few games like Mafia 2, Mirror's Edge, Batman Arkham City, and maybe a few more. Any games beyond that point there was no need for a dedicated Physx card.

  5. Dagda

    Dagda Master Guru

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    GTX 1080ti/rtx 2070
    since dxr is going to enabled on all gpu after 10 series on nvidia side and vega/polaris in amd side, there is a very small probability that dxr enable titles can use a second gpu for those purposes, after all you can do it in software like maya or blender to accelerate renders, you can mix even different gpus of the same brand. for example i can use my 1080ti and 2070 together in blender cycles to reduce rendering time, but this is thanks to cuda/opencl, because those apis allow it, and dxr is dx12 feature that is based in rendering techniques and they don't require the rt cores present on turing to work after all, to accelerate it yes but generally they are not required. But sadly dx12 is not cuda/opencl so i probably don't count on it but who know after all they promised with dx12 you can have multigpu even with mixed brands (only available in aots).
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