GPU crashes when recording with VCE - pink-,black-, or freezescreen

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    Dear Gurus,
    I posted this issue on the raptr forum already but I haven't received any answer yet. This is why I'm going to copy-paste it here and hope you can help me since I haven't found any way to fix this.
    If you want to check out the links (I am not allowed to post links yet), you might want to google "Graphics Card crashes with every AMD Codec (VCE) recorder, sometimes with pinkscreen" with quotation marks to find my original thread in the raptr forums, it is on page 2 right now.

    ---(mind this was directed to the raptr-guys---

    Hello guys,
    I recently discovered the possibilities which my Asus 7850 2GB offers in terms of recording gameplay with a dedicated AMD Codec (VCE) and was pretty exited when you guys announced the AMD GE Beta with shadowplay-like (oops I said it) recording functions.
    Since I've tried the recorder, my graphics card keeps randomly crashing during a recording session, while in LoL; BF3,4,H; Skyrim; Witcher 2; Gmod - basically every game so those can't be the problem.
    The crash happens as follows:
    I play a game and start recording (no matter if I use OBS (with VCE codec), MSI Afterburner (with AMD vfw codec) or raptr/AMD GE) and after a time frame between 30 seconds and 1 hour one of the following scenarios happens:
    1. The game freezes on one frame. Skype and basically every thing else is still working so my PC is still running but there is no way to get out of the game or ctrl-alt-del or any other trick, I just have to hard reset my PC. (Happens most of the time).
    2. I'm presented this scary image: (I can't link yet) - you get used to the shock but when it happened for the first time, I was pretty scared that my card had just died. But hey, skype still works. Again I can only hard reset. (Happened most of the time earlier, but not as frequent after I have done my troubleshooting).
    3. The screen just turns completely black. Skype still works, the same jazz, just black.

    (also it takes some time for the GE app to "find" my hardware and driver when I start it and sometimes just "forgets" it again and searches for it again.)

    Troubleshooting attempts:

    Uninstalled: All drivers (with Display Driver Uninstaller), all codecs, everything related to AMD, ATI or video recording.
    Install: 14.4 and 14.6 (cleanly) - both showed the same result, the codecs and GE, a Video RAM test (did a short test and started a bit longer one but I was too impatient and it hasn't found any errors after around 20 mins), DirectX.
    Also tried: Increasing virtual ram (?), the Windows driver verification (which gave me a blue screen but not because of the ATI drivers), turning up the fan speed (temperatures were pretty good anyway though), turning off ambient occlusion and what not in every game, using the Windows event log which didn't show me any kind of error - only Kernel power loss because of the reset.
    Also tried to "undervolt" by a few mV and no I don't OC!

    I really want to use your AMD GE recording but it just seems to screw my card completely. I am not completely sure though if it has ever happened before I've installed Gaming Evolved, but if it messes up even the OBS recorder (linked below) something might be wrong and I am here to help you, help me fix it and probably for others. I'm not trying to hate on your work on the AMD GE or call it broken or useless or whatever, I'm just trying to make it better and stable and clear out potential bugs and errors so the whiners can shut up ;)

    Ressources used:
    OBS with VCE (link) (32 and 64 build and both OpenCL and Media SDK codecs involved)
    inofficial AMD vfw: (link)
    Your AMD GE Beta.

    I am willing to provide any kind of log or testing in order to fix this problem (you need to tell me how to find or create those though) and I hope we can cooperate to provide a stable experience for every one. DxDiag is also ready, I just don't know how to send it to you safely.

    Msi 970A-G43 Mainboard
    bequiet! 700W
    Asus HD7850 2GB (asus hd7850-dc2-2gd5-v2)
    Windows 8.1 64 bit
    AMD Phenom X4 955

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