got problem with SB Live DE 5.1

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  1. X-3Dfx

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    My system is Athlon 1G<br>
    Leadtek Geforce2 GTS 32 DDR<br>
    SB Live 5.1 DE<br>
    Creative Infra 52X CD-Rom<br>
    128 PC-133<br>
    I’ve installed the latest version of my geforce and sb live drivers... but sometimes when I'm playing movies using Player Center2 from creative, the system will freeze. The same thing also happened if I’m running Player Center2 for mp3 while playing Quake 3 Arena. I’ve check the cpu temperature and it was normal and nothing wrong with it…<br>
    So I need to know is it anything wrong with the hardware or it just a drivers problem…? <IMG SRC="smileys/confused.gif"> <br>
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    try using something other than play center 2

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