GOG GALAXY 2.0 Open Beta

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    When Steam and other platforms were forced to implement refunds "without question", it was already touted as the "death of indie gaming". It turned out that the people who "abused" the refund system were not in the majority, and were the expected deviation. Now it's the same rhetoric. Unless empirical data comes up that will prove that people started misusing the system in droves, this is just the typical cries from an industry that never learns anything, but gets its panties in a twist once some pro-consumer regulation gets placed in (one that already exists in other branches).

    As for me, GoG has been a great storefront for somebody who is still interested in actually owning a product, and has been actually delivering QoL changes to a splintered platform (the new Galaxy with its integration of other launchers for example). On top of that, its owners keep delivering good games (with Cyberpunk on the way). So I see no reason to not support them.

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