Gigabyte Sucks!!! I will no longer recommend them!!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Super XP, Oct 15, 2008.

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    I was being sarcastic with my comment, I already new you didn’t read everything in this thread. I wouldn’t either, it’s too long.

    I’ve waited tolerantly for about 5+ months before I made this an issue once again with Gigabyte. They’ve already stated that a bios update(s) would have resolve the issues at hand so I didn’t take the liberty to return it when I could have for a complete refund. WHY because I liked the boards layout and offerings and since Gigabyte was fully aware of the boards issues, they would have released a bios update ASAP.

    I put all my trust into Gigabyte to deliver. 5+ months later, absolutely nothing was resolved. Not even several months after I got rid of the board, they still did not deliver.

    This was “Absolutely” unacceptable. Once again, this backs my theory of false advertisement. My PC setup now works flawlessly with my ASUS board, absolutely no problem what’s so ever. ASUS even released 5 times more bios updates vs. Gigabyte.

    This problem was not isolated; it was all across the board with other people which bought the same motherboard on the actual Gigabyte support website. I was in contact with many others with similar issues.

    I believe Gigabyte needs to rethink their strategy because I among millions will never buy a Gigabyte product again.
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    Yep just like jetway. Everyone hates them and there garbage. My best boards i ever owned were the two jetways i owned. Hell my p4 board ran 40+c all day long with a prescott and never failed. My second was a skt939 sli board and ran great with my 7800gt's in sli. I am thinking about going back to them or gigabyte. Biostar has my in limbo right now. One board my wife is running no issues at all this board i am running i am not going to get into it right now other then saying i will never buy another on of these boards from biostar.
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    Would you care to provide a link to their warranty saying they would honor your request to have a refund of a 5-6 month old product? Again, I don't blame them for not refunding your purchase a half year later. That should have been done within the first 30 days of you buying the product. Getting shafted on a full refund of the product is no one's fault but your own.

    I find it hard to believe that those issues aren't uncommon, especially considering the rev1.0 still being manufactured and sold. Regardless, you need to keep in mind that Gigabyte, as a company, isn't required to maintain a non-legally binding commitment to just one customer. While you're entitled to your own opinion as to what's acceptable and what's not acceptable, I don't think you're going to find any sympathy in this thread. There's just too many shady factors that played into the whole issue that I can't help but wonder about.
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