gigabyte ga-x58a-ud5 to 4.0ghz

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    hi. i bought a new motherboard gigabyte ga-x58a-ud5 and i need some help overclocking it to 4.0ghz. the pc freezes when i oc it to 4.0ghz. gigabyte settings in bios all different from asus sabertooth x58. thanks help

    i7 950
    corsair dominator 6gb 1600mhz cl8
    Coolermaster 1000watts
    hd 5870 crossfirex
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    We have similar boards.

    Here's a thread I posted when I OC'ed mine.

    Here are a few other links to core i7 950 OC threads.

    Here are some pics I took of my BIOS before updating my BIOS version about a week ago.


    After the BIOS update I was failing IBT so I increased:
    QPI/VTT voltage to 1.235v
    IOH core to 1.18v
    dynamic vcore to +0.15625v
    DRAM to 1.62v

    It turned out to be the DRAM voltage that finally gave me stability but I haven't bothered reducing the other voltages as they are very low anyway.

    Use this guide for OC thesis:

    ps- Dynamic vcore is a Gigabyte feature that allows you to keep power saving features on (to reduce idle CPU voltage and speed) even while OCing.

    Good luck

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