Ghosting HDD to SSD

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by tsunami231, Apr 25, 2012.

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    ok so i bite the bullet and bought a 830 128gb from samung with the norton ghost kit.

    I went to use it to copy my Main partions 400gb 75 gb used to back up drive with 100gbs. Norton Ghost said it cant do that cause destination drive is to small.... 100gbs free is to small to copy 75gb on... which in turn means it wont copy those files to the 128gb ssd

    So i uninstalled the NG crap which also reminded me why I hate Norton software now. the only NG that i ever liked was 5.0 which booted off a floopy and copy files to any drives just fine, but i dont have floopy drive no more so i cant use that...

    So the question becomes. is there software I can use to back up my 400gb 75gb used OS to that 100gb back drive and then send it to the SSD too?

    I dont want to reinstall my OS and i defiantly dont want win7 creating a 2nd partion on that already small ssd

    While we at it any time i format a usb stick in to ntfs and said usb stick in connect to my pc on boot the post screen just freezes i have to format that stick in fat32 to not have post screen freeze. but then if i do that I cant boot off the usb sticks as it just say no disk available despite have boot info on the sub stick
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    Clonezilla or Windows System Image will do a 1:1 copy to the SSD. I prefer Clonezilla, but either program will suffice.
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    I just use Norton Ghost CD with Intel RAID drivers to make image backups (boot from CD). I never use the software inside Windows, I don't even have it installed. Windows' own image backup thing works well too but it excludes few things.

    On thing though, if you use the Windows tool you need to resize the partition to something small before making image backup because it can't restore image to smaller HDD.
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