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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by lonewolf123, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. lonewolf123

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    a friend of mine just recently gave me a gforce4mx420,i got it installed with the omega drivers,directx 8.0a,my problem is it will only run in 1x agp,my mobo will go 2x,but everytime i set it to 2x the comp freezes completly,can someone please help,i have a ati 7500 that will run in 2x,but the drivers are to buggy for me.

    my system specs are:
    gateway select 900
    amd 900 mhz slot a
    gateway kadoka mobo
    512mb ram
    soundblaster live 5.1

    by the way,this is an oem gforce by nvidia,not retail,i hope someone can help,i dread going back to ati card,performance is better with gforce even at 1x gp
  2. harabecw

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    Tried the latest AGP drivers?
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    Is the GeForce 8x AGP? I don't think the mx's come in 8x AGP, but they might. If it is 8x AGP then you will only be able to go into 1X/4X/8X. The Radeon that you were talking about is AGP 2x/4x and can go at 2x.
  4. harabecw

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    There is an AGPx8 version of the 440, but not the 420...

  5. Junk

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    i'm guessing it's caused by incompatabilities between the ati drivers and now your nvidia card/drivers.

    grab this little program, install it, and run it for both ati and nvidia. check the readme for instructions.

    if that doesn't work, then you may need to look into reformatting your hd..

    edit - btw..what does your BIOS say about your agp speed?
  6. lonewolf123

    lonewolf123 Guest

    well,everything you guys suggested.i,ve already done,had to refomat hd due to incompatibility with dx9(instant freeze as soon as i turned it on),this card is 1x,2x,and 4x,and i have installed the latest agp drivers,and there is no setting for agp speed in bios(cheap motherboard,would love to get new motherboard and proc,but money's kinda tight)

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