GF4 MX440 Go 64MB

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by jizzminster, May 14, 2005.

  1. jizzminster

    jizzminster Guest

    Are there drivers for this card for x64? Anything at all? no need for the best and most optimized version.
  2. minnah-bopeludo

    minnah-bopeludo Member Guru

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    xfx 6600gt agp
    any driver above 4x.xx will work, download newest forceware.
  3. jizzminster

    jizzminster Guest

    I tried the newest ones, appearently non of them support the GF Go GPUs. Does anyone know for a fact that a specific drivers work for the GO GPUs under XP x64?
  4. deathvirus

    deathvirus Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2070 MaxQ 8GB

  5. jizzminster

    jizzminster Guest

    That does NOT support the Go GPUs
  6. {HLH}

    {HLH} Guest

    Windows XP64bit totally sucks

    driver support is almost nill and the chance that your game won't run on it is high
  7. jizzminster

    jizzminster Guest

    I don't need it for a game, it need so that the graphic card has the correct drivers instead of having window's default driver, just so i can set the correct resolution.

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