Getting a new TV, need some advice about size/ppi.

Discussion in 'The HTPC, HDTV & Ultra High Definition section' started by signex, Jan 22, 2017.

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    That's good that it's full 10 bit. I just can't suggest lower end Samsung TV's now because of how bad the jutter also they have bad image flicker as well. While they do output a very good looking picture those two negatives have turned me from them. BTW until recently I've only bought Samsung TV's.

    BTW this is the TV I got 65"
    It is the best looking TV I've ever looked at. I can look past the gray uniformity issue but look at the blacks. You have to look towards OLED to get better.
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    Looks great, it can even do 120hz albeit at 1080p.

    I'm still holding off for the OLED sets to come further down in price, and by then I won't just be limited to mostly LG, was half tempted with this recently though lol.!/product/LG-OLED55B6V

    Next TV im keeping until it breaks, don't see any new tech on the horizon, and anything higher than 4k is (imo) a waste in the home.
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    Don't think my TV can do 1080p@120hz.

    Yea this TV is also a keeper, well yea it has no full HDR capabilities but after i saw some 4K HDR clips i'm super happy with my purchase.
    It also has the best input lag out of most TV's that do 30ms at best, while mine can do 4K HDR in gaming mode with 20ms input lag (i believe it does)

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