Geforce2 MX400 and Rscmpt.exe

Discussion in 'Links' started by VaC, Nov 6, 2002.

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    geforce2 mx 64 mb

    you should do a benchmark and compare with other video cards.
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    I just bought a new computer (P4/512MBrimm). I run XP-pro. My computer came with a GeForce 2 MX/MX400 card with 64MB mem.

    I cannot identify the manufacturer of the card, it only has a sticker saying 'J&J MX400/64MB tv1004'.

    The rscmtp.exe process was driving the cpu to 100% constantly so I ended it. Windows now recognizes the card as having 16MB?????!!!!!!! memory only (before it did recogn. as having 64MB). This is a total ripp-off!

    I am now fighting with the computer supplier to get a replacement video card.

    Good luck to all other victims of this scheme!

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    has anyone found out more information regarding this topic, i was thinking about purchasing a GF2 MX400 for the old computer, but now i'm not sure after reading this entire thread..
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    I might be having the same problem, my card comes up as a Geforce2 MX 100/200 but its supposed to be a mx400 64 meg ram. Dxdiag says it has 64 megs of ram too. That process doesnt run on my computer though i use me.

  5. mikeh

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    Same problem with WinXP

    Hi there,

    I have the same problem with an nVidia GeForce4 MX440 video card that has 64Mb DDR RAM on the box.

    There are 4 DDR RAM chips on this video card. These are made in Korea (Hyundai brand) with part number HY5DU663222.

    Now for the interesting part...
    Go to the web site that explains the code numbering of Hyundai memory chips:
    Following is a breakdown of the code on my video card RAM chips...
    HY = Hynix memory (Hyundai)
    5D = DDR SDRAM
    U = voltage (2.5V)
    66 = 64M density, 2K refresh (That is 64Mbits) *** See below
    32 = x32 organisation
    2 = 4 banks
    2 = SSTL_2 interface

    *** Note that the video RAM chips are 64Mbits each. Four of these chips will give 32Mbytes - the amount of video memory seen by Windows!

    If you have a 28 instead of 66 in the RAM part number, then that indicates 128Mbit density. Four of these chips will give a total of 64Mbytes video card RAM.

    Moral of the story so far: The packaging gives the 'density value' of the RAM chips used on the video card. If there are 4 RAM chips, then you effectively have half the 'density value' in bytes. If there are 8 chips - fine, you have the full amount of video memory. i.e. misleading advertising, but not exactly false advertising - since the box states '64Mb DDR RAM' - the density of the RAM chips used in the video card.

    The other point worth noting is that of the driver disk with the Rscmpt.exe file. AVOID THIS if you notice a drastic slow-down of your computer! It FOOLS Windows into thinking it has twice the amount of memory by taking some from main memory. Now if that is not falsifying information about the video memory, I don't know what is! Instead, download the Detonator driver directly from the nvidia web site. If needed, rename the Rscmpt.exe file to say Rscmpt.exe.old so that it doesn't load up at boot time.

    I hope this helps. I know in future that I will be checking carefully all specs on anything I intend to buy before committing to a purchase in future...

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    Is it possible its 64 mb ddr and its only seeing on side of the clock? Probably not but just a guess. Homie
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    No. There were only 4 x 64 megabit RAM chips on the video card (total of 32 megabytes). There was space for another 4 RAM chips on the other side of the card to bring it up to 64 megabytes, but of course no RAM chips installed.

    I have since taken the dodgy card back and now have a real 64 megabyte video card, so am happy with that now.
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    Geforce GTX 970
    Having gone thru this myself with the file, I can tell you that rscmpt.exe came from my original driver disk that came with the card.

    I still have the card, I suspect it's an OEM of some kind, since there are no distinguishable markings....and the box has no name on it to point a finger at who manufactured it. It does have 8 memory chips.

    Using the original driver CD, it loads that file. But, if I uninstalled the drivers, and used one from Nvidia's site, rscmpt.exe didn't exist.

    Without the file, Windows seen it as 32...regardless of the driver version.

    I still have the card if anyone wants pics of it.
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    Question1 - How can I delete Rscmpt.exe from my computer ? All I get is Access Denied.
    Question2 - If I do delete it, will it work satisfactorily at any level?
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    Gigabyte 6600 GT
    DOS kill it

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    gf2 Mx400/64

    any one have graphic dirvers for gf2 Mx400 /64
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    Chaintech 5900 XT go to the drivers section, then to archives. They're all there.

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