Geforce2 MX400 and Rscmpt.exe

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    2 weeks I'm looking for an issue... And just now, I understood all my problem came from that file.

    I ran DirectX just after shutdown Rscmpt.exe and DirectX detected only 32Mo for my Creative Blaster 4 MX 440 (GeForce 4 MX 440).

    But, using the little program BoonieRat posted, it appeared it detected 64Mo of Ram.

    A little description of my PC:

    Windows XP Home
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    RAM: 512 DDRAM
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7DXE (AGP 4x)
    Graphical: Creative Blaster 4 MX 440 (Geforce 4 MX 440 Chipset - Latest Nvidia Detonator Driver)
    Sound: Creative Soundblaster 1024 LIVE! (Latest Creative Driver)

    Testing with DirectX : The cube test turn very laggy
    Rscmpt : existing and uses more than 80% CPU (64Mo Video - 32 after shutdown)

    I've got another PC:

    Windows XP Pro
    CPU: Intel Pentium II 350 MHz
    RAM: 512 SDRAM
    Motherboard: Legend QDI 440 BX
    Graphical: Creative Blaster 4 MX 420 (Geforce 4 MX 420 Chipset - latest NVidia Detonator Driver)
    Sound: Creative Soundblaster PCI 128 (latest creative drivers)

    Testing with DirectX : The cube test turn perfectly
    Rscmpt : none and DirectX detect 64Mo

    My 2 PC are using the SAME Detonator Nvidia Drivers!!!!

    If you understand, just tell me :eek:

    Information about regedit:

    rscmpt in my first PC with the problem: HKLM/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run

    I just deleted it and reboot, just to know...

    nothing in Registry in the second. So this is not necessary to use it!!!!
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    GTX 850M / 4GB

    the mx420 is fine w/o rscmpt.
    while your mx440 on the XP2000+ is the one that is messing up.

    and both are manufactured by Creative.

    does anyone think that the rscmpt.exe is a local file for the windows OS?
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    @sith lord

    Manufacter ist ST LAB
    Geforce 4 MX440 64 RAM

    ::Advances tools check (norton)
    ::ccapp (Symantec)
    ::ccregVfy (Symantec)
    ::NVCplDaemon RUNDLL32 c:\windows\system32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup
    ::pOINTER (mouse)

    I noticed that when I use one program often, I dont experiment such problems. BUt intead of this, I run a program that I only use it once in a while, I get problems.

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    Just after I posted, I deleted the rscmpt.exe from my system (didn't exist in my second machine) and I rebooted....

    For information, the PII 350 is my server connected to Internet and my AMD Athlon use the server to connect itself to the net.

    Both are linked in a LAN.

    Just after I reboot I lost my LAN connection!!!
    I didn't change anything else than delete rscmpt.exe and reinstall driver... I don't know if rscmpt was used by the LAN system but maybe that program didn't say all it knew :(

    For them who think their GeForce was not a true 64Mo RAM, my motherboard, on startup, describe shortly my GeForce has a true 64Mo graphic card. The Nvidia program tell me it was a 64Mo too... Only windows doesn't detect it as a 64Mo. So, I think it's a software configuration of Windows and maybe the solution could be found in the system registry.

    I will test something this evening and I will give you a feedback:
    I will install my GeForce 4 MX 440 in my Intel PII 350 and test it with the same latest driver. I will do the same with the GeForce 4 MX 420 in the AMD Athlon.

    I think, it could be very reliable.

  5. Blackwings

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    I read many different theorie about emulation program, about Nvidia driver, and so on, and so on...

    So, how that person can explain my Intel PII 350 GF 4 MX 420 with the latest Detonateur (41.04) drivers don't have rscmpt installed on the machine? And how a more recent video card using THE SAME driver has it? And how some GeForce 2 older than GF 4 MX 420 have the problems too? And how that problem appears with different driver and the latest too?

    Does someone ask to NVidia an explaination? Because, try "rscmpt" with Google and you will see only post of complain and none from manufacturer, and no solution.

    Last thing, when I read guys writing "MX sucks, buy TI" I just want to tell them that:

    "Give me the money. You don't want? You don't have a solution and prefer to put your new MX in the basket and buy a new Ti? Ok, stay a noob and shut up."

    My 2 cents.

    I will give you some feedback after my test :cool:
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    I did the test I explained previously.

    So, I switched my 2 GeForce4 MX between my 2 PC.

    I repeat the PII350 one never had the rscmpt.exe program installed and I deleted it form the AMDAthlon2000+.

    I used for both installation the same driver 41.04 from NVidia.

    The MX440 is still considered by the IntelPII350 as a 32Mo but the MX420 is considered by the AMDAthlon2000+ as a 64Mo.

    Conclusion, the problem is for MX440. Windows is not involved with the problem because the IntelPII never had rscmpt in its system, running!!!

    I noticed I used directly the NVidia driver on the PII the first time I installed the MX420 on it.

    It was not the case with the MX440 on the AMDAthlon. I used the Creative Blaster first.

    I'm not a specialist but I think this problem is enought important to be study by guru.

    I will send an email to Creative AND Nvidia to have answer. I bought a 64Mo graphical card and not a 32Mo.

    More, windows and games (Neverwinter night) refuse to use the 64Mo because they detect a 32Mo... so it's very SLOW.

    See you
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    I'm also disappointed, here's the name of my card, and some..

    Suddenly I realize why my computer feels like glue when all I want to do is lower the volume while I'm surfing the net, and it takes ages for the mixer to come up....

    I just turned off the Rscmpt.exe (or whatever it's called), and now the CPU temperature decreases by 10 degrees C.

    The name of my Geforce card is "Fancy Force", and it has some blue F1-car on the box... I haven't found anything about the manufacturer on the web, and the only documentation included is a piece of paper on how to start the install. (On the CD, they had included a copy of WinDVD, without giving me the regcode, but I found it after surfing for a while).

    I also tried the TV-out, but it's crap. Here is what the developers of TV-Tool (app for gettin better pic on TV-out)...

    ...says about my chip:
    "All nVidia based cards are supported from TNT-1 to GeForce 4. (It is not planned to support other cards like S3 or ATI so far!)

    Exception GF4-MX:

    Usually the TV-chip is a single independent chip on the graphics card from a third party manufacturer like Conexant. These are supported by the tool. But with the GF4-MX nVidia introduces an own TV-chip NV17 which is integrated in the VGA chip and which is probably cheaper and less powerful than the external chips. For this chip there is no documentation available at all because nVidia refuses it. Without documentation a support cannot be integrated in TVTool!"

    Conclusion... I want a new Graphics Card... I didn't want this cheap rip-off crap after using it for a week, because of the NV17, and now that I understand why my CPU usage has been so excessive lately, I just feel like I've been b***f****d by the business...

    Of course I also want to thank Y'all for doing a great job researching, when dopes like me are so dumb as to think that my new computer is supposed to be that slow.
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    Chaintech 5900 XT
    What to do now?

    So I guess the question is, How do you know if you are getting
    a video card with true 64 meg of DDR or not?
    There are a ton of them out there that say they have 64 meg.
    I was just about to buy a G4 MX440 64 + TV out ….. now I don’t
    know what to do. Any advice?
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  10. Same Problem here... My System Specs.

    I am having the same issues with my card... maybe I can help bring some resolution to the situation!

    Here's some of my system specs:

    Windows XP Pro w/ SP1
    Pentium 4, 1.6ghz
    Biostar mainboard, p4tdp
    256MB DDR
    Video Excel A-MX44, Geforce2 MX400, 4XAGP, 64MB SDR

    Everytime I boot up, I get 64MB at the video card's BIOS screen (which means nothing, as has been pointed out.)

    The first time I installed an OS on this system, it was Windows 98 SE. I installed the drivers from the factory CD and it showed me 64MB in the OS (I had never heard of "Rscmpt.exe" before, so I never made note as to whether it was running or not.)

    After a clean Install of XP Home (using the OS drivers) I only get 32MB in the OS.

    Removing that, and clean installing XP Pro, I get the same. I have also tried several different Detonator drivers, all with the same result.

    From what I can gather, the manufacturer of this card is not "Video Excel" as stated on the box, It's a company called "Chaintech" ( They are of no help. I contacted their support people and have had no response.

    I used Sandra 2003 pro to check out the card, and it tells me the same, 32MB.

    I have all my system documentation, so feel free to ask me anything, if you think it might help figure out what's going on here...
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  11. Holocron

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    GTX 850M / 4GB
    Re: I'm also disappointed, here's the name of my card, and some..

    Fancy Force?

    Is your card locally manufactured? hmm.
  12. Lagavulin

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    fancy force

    It was locally manufactured..... In China!

    ...Besides, it was kinda cheap too, but I'm not planning on using it for games and graphic intense stuff anyways...

    I'm looking for a really good card for using with DVD and DivX, with a good TV-out function (mine sux)....

    Nowadays, all I do is kill the Rscmpt-process at startup, so that it doesn't eat all of my CPU-power...

  13. ThuG

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    I dont have the issue, but i was bored and i decided to search in google about rscmpt and i found something interesting...

    did you run the nvidia agp tool while rscmpt was running? (IMO the agp tool shows the AGP Aperature size)
  14. sirlancelot

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    I have a GF2 MX 400 with 64MB (at least I thought so until now). Here's something that I found out...

    I completely uninstalled my Nvidia drivers and erased that "warm" called rscmpt.exe.

    I installed several different drivers, all from Nvidia, and I never got to see the file again. Of course that my card was always showing as having only 32MB.

    Rscmpt.exe only showed up for dinner again when I installed the drivers straight from the Cd that came with the card; being so, and if this can be confirmed by others, this indicates that there is a clear intention of misleading consumers by a lot of manufacturers; or maybe there's just a couple of them, but selling cards under different brands. Mine is an Exair... :mad:
  15. paulsetchy

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    hi i have read your problem and i also have the same out come . i have been back to the shop and they tell me the card is ok and they have tested my card a few times and still say every thing is ok but i have my douts about the card . i will keep you informed of my progress. paul....

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    Help me plz :(

    I hav spent near £600 on my 2nd Hand PC but it still crashes on C&C Generals (i will explain).

    Its now Athlon XP 2100+ 1.7GHz 640 SD RAM (PC100) GeForce2 MMX 400 (64mb) DX9 Win XP Pro.

    Evryday for the last two weeks it has crashed anywhere between 1 to 4 times. Always when playing

    C&C. Everything freezes wether online or skirmish or mission mode. Then I get the blue screen of

    death. Then even though i set it on auto restart it doesnt restart so i hav to manually restart

    it. whenever this occurs i get the startup screen full of dots that shouldnt be there. Then by

    the time it reaches the welcome screen it says signal not valid. So i switch the monitor on &

    off a few times before i can see the active desktop. Then i get a message saying that

    nv4_disp.dll is responsible cuz it was stuck in an infinite loop. When I run DX Diag it says

    there are no problems there except for the dll not being digitally signed by Microsoft (y should

    it be?). I hav tried re- installing the game & driver for graphics card about 20times+ but the

    same problem happens. I even reduced the system mb given to the graphics card from 95 to 64 but

    still no luck. Wot is wrong with it? :mad:
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    MSI GeForceFX 5600 VIVO 128MB
    1. Has anyone tried running their 64mb gfx card on winme instead rather than win xp and see if it does the same?

    2. Has anyone also tried doing the same thing with ATI cards to see if this is what the manufactorers are really doing?
  18. Kris404

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    I have the exact problem except my card is TNT2 M64 32MB (?). RSCMPT.EXE uses between 90-99% CPU in Win2K SP3. Killing the process, Display/DXDIAG reports only 16MB.

    Also it seems to re-create a 4 byte file C:\DATA.INI that just has digits 32 in it.
  19. Kris404

    Kris404 Guest

    Upon further investigation,

    1) RSCMPT.EXE calls RUNCHECK.EXE that creates the actual C:\data.ini file. RSCMPT.EXE doesn't seem to use this file since I hex edited RUNCHECK.EXE to make it create c:\abcd.ini instead. It doesn't seem to be affected by this name change as the system shows 32 MB.

    2) Both theses executables have bogus console application icons.

    I hope someone can look into this..
  20. GodvsEvil

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    geforce2 mx 64 mb
    gf2 mx 400

    i've got win me and the problem continues ... but i can´t find Rscmpt.exe even in windows registry.

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