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    Palit Geforce GTX770 4GB
    Hi everyone
    My Palit Jetstream Geforce GTX 770 4gb recently died...
    I got a replacement, thanks to the warranty and today i have tried installing it.
    Emphasis on tried...
    When I install it into my computer, I cannot see anything on the mobo, even if I plug it into the gpu. This happened last time I installed it, but I cannot remember what i did to fix it. I then remove the gpu and try to install the drivers, but it is to no avail, because the installer says that the correct component can't be detected. I then try all the methods on the internet. One of these methods led me to delete my Intel Hd 4000 integrated graphics drivers...
    Any help would be appreciated and is deleting the integrated graphic drivers a bad move...?
    Thank you guys for the trouble! :)

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