GeForce GTX 560 (SLI) reviews - four articles

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    ^wow out all 5 of mine only one hit 1g on air,(but it died 10minutes later 1.32v)other went 930ish for benchmarks thats with adding voltage.
    By reading some reviews and overclocking results this card clocks more like a 560 ti then a that worth an extra $20 over a 460??? you make the callit seems all the reviews i have read seem to go over 1g with the voltage slider maxed at 1.079v.
    Overclocking Results

    When NVIDIA’s GF104 was released, it was generally considered to be extremely friendly towards overclocking and most of the GTX 460 cards base upon it could easily see a 100Mhz or higher overhead on their cores. The GF114 which graces the GTX 560 has already proven itself to be a capable overclocker so our expectations were understandably high for the cut down core in this new card.

    These expectations were met and then some. Every one of these cards hit and then exceeded the 900Mhz mark (the ASUS card is pre-overclocked at 925Mhz at a voltage of 1.025V) but the MSI and Gigabyte cards both hit a wall around 925Mhz. Even the DirectCu TOP couldn’t break the 1Ghz barrier without some additional voltage being applied.

    a review from hc,+ the boss had simiar results

    Since ASUS and MSI bundle overclocking software with their cards, we used SmartDoctor and AfterBurner to push the core voltage to 1.075V for some additional headroom. This was the maximum VCore we could apply before temperatures rose above our tolerances. Nonetheless, some impressive results were achieved (and note that every one of these overclocks was tested for stability over the course of 24 hours)

    ASUS GTX 560 DirectCu TOP (1.075V)

    Core Speed: 1069Mhz
    Memory Speed: 4540Mhz (QDR)

    Gigabyte GTX 560 OC (Stock 1.00V)

    Core Speed: 928Mhz
    Memory Speed: 4324Mhz (QDR)

    MSI GTX 560 Twin Frozr OC (1.075V)

    Core Speed: 1050Mhz
    Memory Speed: 4404Mhz (QDR)

    even my 460 hawks could not do 928 on stock voltage.
    the price for a 560 say asus oc 935 is same for cheapest 560 ti(220)..and its faster stock then the 560ti
    when these cards are $200 for a o/c model (930-950) it will be a decent price..i think paying 220+ now is not smart when you can get a 560 ti for about the same,then you can oc that card.
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    EVGA & BFG GTX 275 SLI
    I really appreciate you guys also including some older cards like, GTX275, GTX295, GTX285, I'm still running a GTX275 SLI so It's good to get an idea how well my setup still holds up. With everything overclocked I'm just a hair faster than a GTX480. I think you guys are the only ones I have seen who will still include some old 200 series and 4000 series cards on new reviews. I hope you keep doing it. There are a lot of us still running some of this older hardware.
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    EVGA 1080 FTW
    hey cowie, the speed you posted for the asus 560 top, what were the temps on that thing?

    i took my card up to 1000core @ 1.075v, fan was at 60%. boy did my card get hot when i started occt lol.
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    EVGA GTX560ti SLI
    No kidding. All performance charts in the SLI GTX 560Ti review stated "GTX 560", and not the GTX 560Ti, which we all know uses a different GPU design. This makes me highly question the validity of that entire review. :stewpid:

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    Hilbert would you consider adding the witcher 2 to your standard benchmark suite ?

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