GeForce GTX 460 review (roundup with 8 cards)

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    Ah, Im sorry I misread that. Yeah, if your PSU only has 2 PCIe 6pin connectors. I would not chance it by using the adapters. Adapters can cause crossloading of rails, incorrectly or too much pull from one rail. Which could lead to PSU failure / shutdown.

    I dug up some rail information regarding the gamerextreme 700watt, which is based on the same FSP platform that your 700watt SLI Im going to assume it has same rail configuration, unless you can find otherwise =)

    +12V1 (yellow with blue stripe wire): One of the ATX12V connectors ("CPU 1").
    +12V2 (yellow with green stripe wire): The other ATX12V connector ("CPU 2") and one of the video card auxiliary power connectors ("PCIE-2").
    +12V3 (solid yellow wire): Motherboard main cable, peripheral power cables and SATA power cables.
    +12V4 (yellow with black stripe wire): The other video card auxiliary power connector ("PCIE-1").

    The unit appears to indeed have true 4 virtual current limited rails(some PSU's claim multi rails but really have no OCP virtual rail protection which is all that rails are, and really have one big rail)

    So, if you were to use the would be using the rail that is shared with the main motherboard connector and all your HDD / peripheal connectors.
    This isnt TOO bad, but it may overtax that particular rail and cause the PSU to either die / overheat or shutdown.

    I was gonna say if any of the peripheal connectors were shared with the PCIe connector on a rail then I would say to not attempt to do it at all!
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    Thanks King, I guess ill have to upgrade it...better safe than sorry plus i can transfer it to a new build this spring.

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