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    K I am using omega drivers. I've been getting flashing all over my screen. Everything is glitchy. Ive ran driver cleaner many of times and have installed them properly. I turned vertical sync on it didn't help. In CoD the ingame option vertical sync I turned it on and it fixed it but I automatically went down to 60 fps. It didn't work for the Medal Of Honor series. I noticed If I put antialising on 2x the problem was gone, but If it was on application control or off. My screen would flicker in my games. The reason I don't have my card set at 2x is because my FPS drops drastically from 120 to 60.. It kills 60 fps. If anyone has any tips or hint they would be appreciated.
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    I have DirectX 9.0c installed.. Would this make a difference?
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    u can try using nvidia default drivers.

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