GeForce ForceWare 260.63 Beta Download & Discussion

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How do you rate 260.63 beta?

  1. Better than 258.96

    266 vote(s)
  2. Worse than 258.96

    39 vote(s)
  3. About the same

    48 vote(s)
  4. My bug wasn't fixed!

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  1. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    Yes i think so, i also had problems (micro-stuttering, and slowdowns) with
    movies with Geforce Win7 x64 260.63, and now with Geforce Win7 x64
    258.96WHQL i have no problems anymore, a lot smother then 260.63.
  2. skryabin

    skryabin Active Member

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    MSI 4080 Suprim X
    Me too, win 7 x64.

    I play movies with MPC-HC and madvr renderer, haven't noticed any change from 258 to 260.
    What are you using to play movies in particular?

    With 260.63 I notice stuttering in Windows Media Center, and only in full screen mode. I usually turn on Windows Media Center to watch TV
    Maybe Windows Media Player could be affected the same way

    Reinstalled 258.96, everything works smooth as it should.
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  3. Redemption80

    Redemption80 Guest

    Yeah, can also confirm this, 258.96 are better for watching movies, even with the huge latency issues.

    I'm using the 260.78 Quadro ones on my HTPC which seem fine so far, but only watched 2movies so far.
  4. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    I use mostly Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.4.2499.0 to play my movies.

    MPC works perfect, good to know now all is working for you again also.

  5. skryabin

    skryabin Active Member

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    MSI 4080 Suprim X
    yes, now all is working good again, but had to put back the old drivers 258.96...

    In 260.63 there could be a bug, something that makes video stuttering in full screen, maybe when windows renderer (EVR?) is in use?

    I'm happy not being the only one having problems with media reproduction on 260.63 drivers.

    PS: MPC Home Cinema works great even with 260.63 driver for me, but probably because I use a particular renderer (madvr), and not the windows default one, EVR
    Didn't test too much to be honest :p
    I only noticed stuttering in Windows Media Center while watching TV, and Windows Media center uses windows renderer evr, of course...something involving renderer or inverse telecine is broken for me with the latest beta drivers.
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  6. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    How do you enable madvr in MPC Home Cinema, in my MPC Home Cinema
    madvr is grey out?
  7. Loster

    Loster Master Guru

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    TUF 4090
  8. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    Thank you for the link, it only works with the 32 Bit version of MPC HC and not the 64 Bit.

    But i see no difference in quality in movies.
  9. xmms

    xmms Guest

    Gtx 460 users!! Anyone has BSOD with this driver?i got 3 times BSOD playing just cause 2,F1 2010,alien breed 2..
  10. xankazo

    xankazo Guest

    Well, no issues here with this set of drivers and MPC-HC, not even with DXVA. All butter-like smooth.

  11. Lightmgl

    Lightmgl Guest

    No problems here on my Evga 460 GTX SLI with overclock.
  12. skryabin

    skryabin Active Member

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    MSI 4080 Suprim X
    I remember no problems in movies with MPC-HC and 260.63 too.

    I get very annoying micro-stuttering only in Windows Media Center when watching TV, and only in full screen, windowed is ok even resizing the window to take all the screen
    Maybe the renderer, maybe the interlaced material (inverse telecine), don't know exactly what it could be.

    Someone that have a tv tuner can test Windows Media Center in full screen with 260.63 drivers? Micro-stuttering is not easy to notice, but when the camera makes a panning you can't ignore particular when watching football games concentrate on long balls, if there's stuttering you will see it for sure

    The strange thing is that this happens only with 260.63, because I don't have any stuttering with 258.96

    I hope there's something broken, if not I will be forced to stay with older drivers :bang:
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  13. Dagam

    Dagam Guest

    I'm also having BSOD with this drivers on my GTX 260 on Windows 7 64bits
  14. TheHunter

    TheHunter Guest

    im gonna post this here too, since its about this driver.

    they are bad for normal usage with some small bugs;
    *like control panel issues - i had to log off and log on again to be able to access it otherwise it froze my desktop lol.. it happened the first time after reboot.
    *then physx issue with 3dmark vantage is said its missing physx loader.dll - i had to reinstall it, although i used nv installer and installed it this way (usually i install it separate at end of installed driver, because i had similar issues in the past)
    *and also some hardware gui issues with ashampoo burning studio 10;

    imo this new file is still unstable - NvXDSync.exe its responsible for control panel, profiles, idle states, etc..

    im now at 259.32 1.34 3dvison cd drivers and they look the fastest from all 258, 259 series and without those problems., although yea i have to take ownership rights for nvidia/nvstarted file., just to be sure so i don't get missing profiles.
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  15. Ukraver

    Ukraver Guest

    no problems for me with f1 2010 but wrc 2010 has loads of stuttering with this set , been using this set since release been really happy with them just wrc 2010 unplayable for me:bang:

  16. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

  17. Razoola

    Razoola Member Guru

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    GTX980 (MSI gaming)
    Im on win7 x64 and 260.63 causes me problems also with videos. With madVR it causes tearing at the bottom of the screen in full screen windows mode on secondary monitor. Going back to 258.96 fixes the issue.

    I also have trouble with madvr 034 and had to revert to version 032 but I am yet to confirm wether that is a madvr or driver issue. Again this is only on secondary monitor.
  18. Fusion_XT

    Fusion_XT Guest

    Mmmzz lock ups in Batman: AA and 3DVision is alittle bit less clearer.

    Other then that pretty smooth drivers..
  19. Gazebo

    Gazebo Master Guru

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    ASUS RTX 4070
    Sooo..Its Monday, Quadro and Tesla drivers are there.. I guess we can hope for 260.xx whql driver :)
  20. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    A new number yes, people have to many problems with this driver.

    Hope they make the movie problems go away with the WHQL.

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