GeForce ForceWare 260.63 Beta Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Galdere, Sep 14, 2010.


How do you rate 260.63 beta?

  1. Better than 258.96

    266 vote(s)
  2. Worse than 258.96

    39 vote(s)
  3. About the same

    48 vote(s)
  4. My bug wasn't fixed!

    21 vote(s)
  1. Funkyseas

    Funkyseas Guest

    Thx, i will give it a try :)
  2. AmigaWolf

    AmigaWolf Guest

    Come on man, he is from Israel, English is not his language, and also not my.

    So it's normal he makes spell problems, Can you all speak Hebrew?

    He means PSU (power supply units).

    But the problem can also by that the guy have Palit GFX Card (a lot of people
    with Geforce 460 Palit Cards also have problems with this driver, but also just
    can be the Nvidia Driver.
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  3. yosef019

    yosef019 Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 1080 ti
    MAYBE I USE GOOGLE translate it be worth!!

    where nvidia drivers?

    they do not noting to 200 and down series!?

    (NVIDIA) :biggun:
  4. Rillipiru

    Rillipiru Guest

    I did a quick round up for your hardware ( ) and it came up with this:


  5. Doesn't show amps ^
  6. Rillipiru

    Rillipiru Guest

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  7. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    ^ Oh dear.

    Not really case closed yet till find out what's causing the BSOD, not sure how reliable those PSU calcs are , but Makalu would know I'm sure..
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  8. Rillipiru

    Rillipiru Guest

    Oh, what?
  9. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    You can't see it?

    If you wanna know whether the PSU is failing, OCT is a good diagnostic tool.
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  10. Rillipiru

    Rillipiru Guest

    Yes i did see it, but i changed like should refresh more often with me..

  11. sertopico

    sertopico Maha Guru

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    Palit Gamerock 4090
    The release of new drivers is turning into a joke... :D
    2 MONTHS have passed with no WHQL!! nVidia, what's happening? :3eyes:
  12. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    Easy for you to say considering you live next door to the G3D servers lol

    Plus I have auto refresh disabled in my browser, I get instant email notification instead.

    Btw these drivers work great for me.
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  13. RockMarc

    RockMarc Guest

    Okay guys, thanks alot for your concerns/support.

    But i dont think that it's got something to do with the PSU because:

    - Even under maximum load (Crysis, COD MW2, BFBC 2 etc.) i wouldn't get BSODs and btw i'm measuring about max. 415W under max. load (psu power plug). Estimatet efficiancy 80% so 415x0,8=332 means the system consumes about 332W. So i'm not really convinced that it's caused by lack of power.
    But i might be wrong. Just strange that i never had ANY problems before ...

    Again, thanx for helping, but since noone else seems to have similar problems after installing these drivers, i suppose it's got nothing to do with it but rather with something else regarding my system.

    But i guess we got to get back to topic ... !-)
  14. yosef019

    yosef019 Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 1080 ti
    Someone try?

    Someone try 260.78 quadro??
  15. tekin77

    tekin77 Guest

    The 259.32 are the fastest drivers on my rig so far, so try those.. The 260xx drivers still need some performance tweaks before they're up to snuff.

    Hopefully another release will be available soon..[/QUOTE]

    AGREED installed 260.63 got BSOD while playing F1 2010
    reinstalled 259.32 which where previously the fastest driver by far
    on my rig now 3d mark score -4000 points WTF:thumbdown:thumbdown

    not sure what to do now clean install of windows??:help::help:

  16. Solfaur

    Solfaur Ancient Guru

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    GB 3080Ti Gaming OC
    I can't run Mafia 2 at all with these, crashes to desktop after the nvidia logo thing pre-menu...
  17. Mr.Bigtime

    Mr.Bigtime Ancient Guru

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    4090 on Laptop
    Guys will be offtopic but,

    using EVGA and as i see nearly all games using GPU not all full maybe iam using driver settings as ADAPTIVE ? i mean, must i use MAX PERFORMANCE?
  18. Zer0K3wL

    Zer0K3wL Guest

    that does't really aply unless your games stuck in 2d mode for some reason.
    thats basicly all it does switch between 2d 3d modes basicly dont need to set it on max performance unless you have issues with clocks going to 2d mode while gaming.

    anyway personaly i do leave it like it is cous if you have card stuck in 2d mode mostly means driver has crashed and after its recovered 3d clocks usualy dont work.

    driver crashes could mean bad card or something else basicly.
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  19. gojita69

    gojita69 Guest

    I'm having a weird bug. I have a HDTV hooked up thru the S video with a component/composite cable adapter (red blue green) and these drivers don't automatically detect the monitor. I have to set it to extended desktop mode to change any kind of properties be it color or rotating. Another bug I'm having is I cannot resize my desktop. The button shows up and its states HDTV at the top of the control panel, but when i click resize desktop nothing happens. Anyone having this problems?
  20. Mr.Bigtime

    Mr.Bigtime Ancient Guru

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    4090 on Laptop
    TRIED 5 games and all doesn't use more than %50 :(

    Dead Rising 2
    Supreme Commander 2
    Bad Company 2
    Earth 2160
    Far Cry 2

    edit: tested MW2 and % 66 :(
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