GeForce Forceware 177.98 XP | Vista

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  1. scratch42069

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    Counter Strike: Source w/ Forceware 177.92

    Counter Strike: Source w/ Forceware 177.98

    So far these are quite better than 177.92
  2. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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  3. junx

    junx Guest

    uncheck 'show only programs found on this computer'
    have no problem with spore, using .92 and 8x AA
  4. GPU

    GPU Guest

    looks good to me

    no problem on vista -64 with DV or game profiles
    -did a complete nvidia uninstall, chipsets , Physx , folders ,used driver sweeper ,ccleaner ,reboots after each step, I had crysis crashing on me after a backup install,
    -having a nvidia chipset there was always a hang with every driver, when the control panel opens , I guess while it pick's up my raid drives , but for 177.98 it now opens as fast as any other file .first time I've not had a hang -very nice.

  5. F33F33

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    DV also was set real high after reboot, not sure what thats about, but as i dont reboot often doesn't bother me. I am also on Vista x64.

  6. madoverclocker

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    Nvidia GTX280
    The power saving feature of my GTX280 seems to have been re-enabled with these drivers. Though starting firefox seems to cause the drivers to turn on the card full speed. Might be a plug-in causing it as other apps do not appear to cause the same problem so far. Seems to work properly with folding at home still to try any games. With regard to digial vibrance it is off when I reboot but DV turned itself on and to 100% when I started Google Chrome?
  7. ZeBeeDY

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    Palit 8600gt s+ @700/2000
    uninstalled the old driver, reboot to safe mode, used driver cleaner, reboot and installed the driver.
    I installed everyday driver this way. Got no problem since this driver.
    (sorry for my english)
  8. twtaylor

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    RTX 3060 12gb
  9. This driver is much faster than 177.89 in GRID. I now have almost constant 60 fps in 1920x1200 with 16xAF and 2xAA. Digital Vibrance does not work for me either. It does only have 4 settings and I can't see a difference when I change it. Other than that, excellent driver.
  10. stickle

    stickle Guest

    Nice drivers some improvments over 177.92 in WoW / C&C and Spores also DV working fine for myself.

    Edit: Using x64 Vista
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  11. n3ptun3

    n3ptun3 Guest

    DV bug using Vista x64 also.. the first restart it didn't do anything, after my second reboot the screen was completely saturated. Opening the nvidia CP at color desktop tab would enter an endless loop to reset the settings back at 100%. And the CPU usage was pretty high on all 4 cores as well.
  12. ordl

    ordl Guest

    Same problem here with DV.
  13. Outrance

    Outrance Guest

    Yes DV is stuffed. First time I've ever had errors with it. Stuck at 100% after 2nd login....

    Vista x64

    DON'T DOWNLOAD THESE!!!!!:biggun:
  14. mikeyakame

    mikeyakame Guest

    guess i wont reboot my vista 64 system until next driver then ;> downclocking works correctly now though, and after software overclock it drops back to 3d low power instead of being stuck at performance 3d clocks like all previous drivers since 177.70
  15. anth_15

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    Gigabyte RTX 4090
    Im going to stick to the 177.83's Xtreme ones there good :)

  16. SubtleOne

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    I've got to ask you: what kind of improvements could you possibly notice with the hardware you use according to your profile?
  17. TheSarge

    TheSarge Guest

    Still can't get PhysX to allow me to select my 7900 GTO for PhysX... at all... SLI or not.
    Also, I still don't have multi-monitor support under SLI... with the 7900 GTO or without the 7900 GTO. Other than that, drivers seem to work fine.
  18. Mate... your cards will NEVER support PhysX, because they are not CUDA compilant...
  19. TheSarge

    TheSarge Guest

    Ok, first off, that page is in Italian. I can't read Italian.

    Secondly, what does CUDA rendering have to do with the PhysX API?
  20. Everything seeing that PhysX API can be processed by NVIDIA GPUs just thanks to CUDA.

    Sorry for the bad news mate.
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