Geforce 6600 GT to Quadro problem

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    I used RivaTuner on many cards with pretty much success (I've recently turned the FX 5200 of my brother to a Quadro 500 successfully, the increase perf in Maya is impressive and with Omega drivers I see no instabilities). After my own old Radeon 6600 Pro had expired, I bought (today) a Geforce 6600 GT (I just love this number and just like before I don't have more than $125 to put in a video card). It's a PNY 128Mo AGP. I was hoping to turn it into a Quadro FX 540 (I use Maya everyday and the performance gain is known to be >100%). However, when I use NVStrap : graphics adaptater identification Quadro + use ROM straps from PCI + unlock professionnal capabilities, then reboot I still have only a Geforce 6600 GT.

    RivaTuner shows that NVStrap is on and I have a Quadro FX 540 but Windows Display Panel say the contrary (I still got Geforce 6600 GT Omega Driver) and using ViewPerf / Maya I see no performance increase. Did I miss something ? It seems that I have a "NV43 revision A4" - are revision A4 unmoddable ? I just feel unlucky - is there a solution ?

    Thanks you for your help, Joseph from France
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    HIS HD4850
    Just run Rivatune again, if you have a NV43 A4, you are unlucky. It's hard to find a NV43 A2(moddable) for now still nVidia has replaced it by NV43 A4 in 2005. Unlockable cores are NV40, NV45, NV48 for 6800s and NV43 A2 for 6200s and 6600s . Your only hope now is ebay as someone is selling their old card with these core, or ask your friends and exchange your card with them if they have once.
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    Winfast 6600 @ Quadro FX5
    nv43 rev.A2

    Hard but still possible.
    Depends your location, of course.
    I just buy a few days ago, an NV 43 rev. A2 card.
    Leadtek Winfast 6600T (its "T", not TD or GT or TDH etc)
    Maybe a rare type because i didn't found it in Leadtek web site.
    But it is new & genuine, completed with usual winfast pack.
    Under $90. I live in Indonesia.
    So, i started a new thread, to quest/ask its mod to Quadro.

    @ asa, please, if you know how mod my NV43 to quadro. In my thread.
    @ josephh, there are some store still sell it here, contact me if you need my help.
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