GeForce 442.50 Game Ready Driver Download & Discussion

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    its random and only occurs through having content paused over some amount of time,

    while paused lav, the renderer (madvr or evr.dll) and driver specific dll's are still processing something and in the end some thing in the driver runs out of buffer or gets counted as a long running task, tripping the TDR system.

    I haven't been able to link it to web browser decoding of video or pictures, it crashed the gpu i have linked to LAV, (set as the copy back device), the one i browse and game on has been solid.

    I sent a TDR crash dump to Manuel, I don't know how to get them on windows 10 anymore, the folder for those dumps no longer retains them
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    Not having this in mpv with D3D11VA (no copyback).

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