GeForce 411.63 WHQL drivers Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by norton, Sep 19, 2018.

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    not the same thing.
    despite what the marketing would have you believe.
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    It's a beautiful set for gaming. I appreciate the offer, though I'm using the settings from and they seem close enough to ideal for me. Under "Motion", I have Clearness at its Maximum setting as that helps with motion in games.
    Yup, I just added a notch more brightness and reaped a free benefit (to my eyes) in games. Sony made a good gaming HDTV, I'm not surprised. :)

    I like BT.2020 for the desktop but with the settings I already I use it added just a bit too much "blush to the rose" for the skin color in some videos I sampled with it on. I hated turning things back to the default color space, but I wasn't prepared to adjust my pre-existing settings so as to dial things in. UHD uses that color space though, yes? It would be needed for HDR IIIRC.

    And yeah, the peak brightness of this Sony limits what the lighting can do using HDR. But then again, the 800D offers excellent color fidelity, and so benefits from the expanded color rage that HDR puts into play. The set was an excellent deal, and for months after the newer version came out (with its IPS panel), many buyers were looking to find who still had the (MVA panel) 800D in stock.

    I use the smart TV app, or the Windows one, for Netflix and HDR comes on automatically for the shows and movies that offer it. Longmire, after either Season One or Two, was 4K in HDR and it looked very nice. Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck ftw!. Lol, it was a very good show and it was high quality all around. Stranger Things was another show that gave the Sony a chance to demonstrate it benefited from HDR, though undoubtedly in not as compelling a fashion as top tier sets. Scenes with flashlights/bright lights on a dark set had extra impact due to HDR.
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    There is something wrong with this driver, i play q2 and now Quake Champions and with this, mouse feels like with some smoothness/mouse filter, maybe its something with new localization for shader cache or driver it self. Buck to 399.24 and mouse moves like 1 to 1 and no problem at all, Windows 7 pro 64. Btw i use shader cache with 399.24 as well

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