GeForce 4/FX -> Quadro 4/FX : The complete how-to

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    GeForce GTX 680
    For these chips...:

    GeForce 6800 -> Quadro FX 4000 (only NV40, NV45, NV48 works),
    GeForce 6600 -> Quadro FX 540 (only NV43 rev A2 works),
    GeForce FX 5800 Ultra -> Quadro FX 2000 (NV30)
    GeForce FX 5800 -> Quadro FX 1000 (NV30) this post instead (much easier teqhnique!):


    But the rest of this post is for these chips...:

    GeForce FX 5950 (NV35)
    GeForce FX 5900 (NV35)
    GeForce FX 5700 (NV36)
    GeForce FX 5600 (NV31)
    GeForce 4 Ti (NV25, NV28)
    GeForce 4 MX (NV17, NV18)

    (For the the rest,
    GeForce 3 (NV20)
    GeForce 2 (NV15)
    GeForce 256 (NV10)
    - I will maybe post a new separate tutorial for those, as soon as I have experimented a bit.)

    GeForce FX5200 (NV34) modification seems to make your 3ds max / Maya / XSI / whatever program freeze and crash all the time, no matter which versions of driver you use.. :(

    Quick Tip 1:
    Are you using Win9x? Then this how-to will not work (I guess)

    Using this procedure (or any other) to make your GeForce card become a Quadro card,
    WILL make your OpenGL games a bit SLOWER!
    Yes - you read that right:
    You may LOOSE gaming FPS's with SoftQuadro..!!

    The reason for this is simple:
    The features you're about to unlock are not used by any games in the world.
    NVidia would not have made all their gaming cards work SLOWER, intentionally, would they..??! (No, they would not!) :)
    By locking up these not-used-in-any-game-features, the GeForce drivers can ignore those
    and concentrate on the features that ARE used by the games.
    This makes the GeForce optimized for games - while the Quadro is not.
    To see just what features the Quadro have vs. the GeForce:

    After reading this, if you still are sure you want to make your GeForce a Quadro,
    then... let's start!

    EDITED 2006, April 08:
    The GeForce FX5200 -> Quadro FX 500 modification seems to be not stable with any drivers. :( Neither 42.51 nor 45.28.
    Because of this, I have now removed GeForce FX5200 (NV34) from this tutorial..


    1a. You want the latest drivers that WORK STABLE for your card:

    (For an explanation of why these 3+ year old drivers indeed are the latest drivers, look at the end of this post!)

    For a GeForce FX 5600 -> Quadro FX 500, that's 42.51 !!!|xp.html

    FX 5600 owners also need to do an extra little trick,
    go down to the very bottom of this "how-to" before going to step 1b..!

    For all other GeForce FX, that's 45.28

    For a GeForce4 Ti and a GeForce4 MX, that's 42.51|xp.html

    For a GeForce4 MX 4000, or one of the GeForce4 MX 440 Go used in Dell laptops, you also need 42.51...|xp.html
    ...however!!, you need to first unpack that 4251.exe file, and then find the nv4_disp.inf file that is inside the package, and edit it with Notepad.
    Look at this page:
    Let's assume you have the GeForce4 MX 4000.
    At the middle of the page, you will see it is listed, it says:

    "NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0185"

    Now, your cue is the DEV number; 0185
    This you will use when editing the nv4_disp.inf file

    In the [NVidia.Mfg] section, you enter a new line with this text

    NVidia.Nv18.5 = "NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000"

    And near the bottom, in the ; Localizable Strings section, you enter

    %NVidia.Nv18.5% = nv4, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0185

    After saving the file, it is now working for also your GeForce4 MX 4000 card.
    If you have another card, then, find out it's DEV number, and then use it like in this example.
    I emphasize, all this unpack 4251.exe info was just for the people with "strange" GeForce4 MX's, where the normal 4251.exe will not work as it is.

    Then, you also need the RivaTuner program itself, of course
    - at the moment it seems to be version 2.24:

    1b. Now uninstall your old NVIDIA drivers (if this is not a fresh Windows).

    1c. Install the new NVIDIA drivers, the ones that you downloaded.
    Do NOT delete those packages afterwards - you will still need them...! :)

    1d. To compare and see how much speed increase you get after the GeForce card has been modded to Quadro,
    you need to run SPECviewperf tests while the card is still in GeForce mode.
    Do NOT install any of the latest versions of SPECviewperf (neither 8.x nor 9.x).
    SPECviewperf 6.1.2 and 7.1.1 are the versions that were made for these cards,
    so those are the versions you should test with.

    Before running SPECviewperf tests, you must ALWAYS do this:

    Open "Display Properties"
    * Set your screen resolution to "1280 by 1024 pixels"
    * Set your color quality to "Highest (32 bit)"

    * Click "Advanced" button, then the "GeForce ......" or "Quadro ....." tab,
    then choose "OpenGL settings".


    * In this window, you must do 3 things, and they must be done in this particular order:

    OpenGL setting thing #1: The option called "Custom OpenGL applications setting:" in the OpenGL settings window:

    Before you do the mod (when still in GeForce mode) it will be nothing here.
    After you do the mod (when in Quadro mode) you should have a list of choices;
    "nothing selected", 3DPaint, 3D Studio Max, Ansys, .., etc. etc.

    However, in both cases, you must make sure nothing is selected.
    (But when you have finished the SPECviewperf tests, you should instead select the 3D program you use..!)

    OpenGL setting thing #2: Click "Restore Defaults" button, if possible

    OpenGL setting thing #3: In "Vertical sync:" choose "Always off"

    * Click "Apply", "OK" and "OK" buttons to save the settings and close the settings windows.

    To download SPECviewperf 6.1.2:

    To download SPECviewperf 7.1.1:

    After running the tests, copy and save the results,
    so you can use them to compare with the "Quadro mode" results.
    There will be a summary result, with just the end results for all the tests,
    you can save this as "summary_geforce_mode_all.txt"
    There will also be more detailed results for each of the tests,
    and these are really nice to see exactly what kind of stuff that gets faster with the Quadro mod.
    "C:\Program Files\SPECopc\SPECViewperf 6.1.2\sum_results\awadvs\summary.txt"
    will have the detailed results for the "awadvs-04" test,
    save this as "summary_geforce_mode_awadvs.txt"
    Then do the same for the other tests as well.
    Unless you save these file with other names, they will be overwritten the next time you run the tests.


    2. Install it - start it - stop it - and reboot the PC
    Now Windows begin to know about *.rts files as "RivaTuner patch script files"

    (You will use RivaTuner to patch
    - a file INSIDE the driver package.
    Most of the files inside are first COMPRESSED each on it's own
    (e.g. "nvoglnt.dll" is compressed to "nvoglnt.dl_")
    - then they have all been zipped together into a single *.zip file)


    3. To get hold of the "nv4_mini.sy_" file, you must
    unzip the driver package
    - unzip it to e.g.


    4. Now you're ready for the patching.

    4a. (SoftQuadro4 patch)
    "C:\Program Files\RivaTuner\PatchScripts\NVIDIA\SoftQuadro4\SoftQuadro4 w2k.rts"
    Click "Continue" button.
    Browse to
    Change the
    "Files of type:"
    from "nv4_mini.sys"
    to "nv4_mini.sy_"
    Now you see

    (If patching 45.28 (not 42.51) you'll get a "Warning: This file is not certified.." Click "Yes" button)
    Click "OK" on the "Information. Patch script has been successfully executed. Read log for details"
    Click "Close" button.


    4x. If you use 42.51 and not 45.28, you need to also patch "nv4_mini.sys"
    with the "NVStrapAntiprotection" script:

    4x1. (NVStrapAntiprotection patch)
    "C:\Program Files\RivaTuner\PatchScripts\NVIDIA\NVStrapAntiprotection\NVStrapAntiprotection w2k.rts"
    Click "Continue" button.
    You should already be in the correct folder, so...

    Click "OK" on the "Information. Patch script has been successfully executed. Read log for details"
    Click "Close" button.


    5. You must delete the two non-patched "nv4_mini.*" files.

    Open Windows Explorer,
    and go to "C:\45.28_patched\"
    Delete "nv4_mini.sy_" file
    Delete "nv4_mini.old" file

    This is very important..! :)
    You should have only one single "nv4_mini.*" file left,
    and that should be "nv4_mini.sys"

    (Now you have a working driver ready to installed, after you've changed your
    "Graphics adapter identification" to "Quadro")


    6. To do that, start RivaTuner again.
    On the "Main" tab,
    in the "Target adapter" field,
    click the little button with an arrow, just to the right of
    ".................. Customize..."
    Click the left-most icon on the pop-up toolbar;
    "Low-level system settings"
    In the new window called "Low-level system tweaks",
    choose the "NVStrap driver" tab.
    Click "Install" button.
    Now the previously "greyed-out" roll-down menues become available.
    In the "PCI DeviceID settings" field, there is one roll-down menu
    - "Graphics adapter identification".
    Select "Quadro".
    Set a checkmark in the
    "Use ROM straps for PCI DeviceID programming"
    Click "Apply" button
    Click "OK" button.
    Now the PC need to reboot, click "OK" on the reboot dialog box.


    7. When Windows after reboot comes up with
    "Hey, new hardware found! Starting Add New Hardware WIZARD"
    - press "Cancel".


    8a. Then - when in standard 640x480 (or 800x600) VGA mode,
    I would locate and delete all files that were used to install the un-patched Detonators.

    8b. There *may* be a "C:\NVIDIA\" folder, if so, delete it.

    8c. In the "C:\Windows\inf\" folder, there are some files named
    "oem1.inf" or "oem2.inf" or "oem[some_number].inf",
    one of these is the old inf file used by the NON-patched Detonators.
    The easiest way to get rid of it, is to search
    "All files and folders"
    "All or part of the file name" -> inf
    "A word or phrase in the file" -> nvidia
    "Look in:" -> C:\WINDOWS\inf\
    Then delete the file(s) found.
    Now you're 100% sure that Windows can not find any files belonging to the old, un-patched drivers.

    Since I use Windows XP SP1, I know the files you should find and delete:
    and one (or more, if you have installed several Detonator versions in the past)

    To re-iterate: Do not delete ALL "oem*.inf",
    only the "oem*.inf" that contains the word "nvidia"


    9. Then, start the Device Manager:
    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System
    In "System Properties" window, select "Hardware" tab, then click "Device Manager" button
    There should be a yellow question mark, at the sub-level of "Display adapters"
    Right-click the question mark, and select "Update Driver..."


    10a. At the first page of the "Hardware Update Wizard", select
    "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    Click "Next >" button

    10b. At the "Please choose your search and installation options" page, select
    "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
    Click "Next >" button

    10c. Now Windows don't know of any drivers at all (you removed the old ones, right)
    - click "Have Disk" button,
    browse your way to the
    "C:\45.28_patched\" folder,
    double-click the
    "nv4_disp.inf" file

    10d. That's it! Now you just click "OK" or "Next >" or whatever
    (I don't remember the precise words)
    - but now you've made sure Windows are using your patched drivers.
    Just make sure you reboot the PC after the finish.
    When the installation stops, you will (probably) not get the usual
    "Your computer will have to be restarted before...
    Yes, I want to restart my computer now
    " message box
    - but still, you have to restart the PC. Right away. At once, meaning ..immediately! :)
    Do not try to change the screen resolution, or anything else, not before you have restarted the PC.
    (When it starts again, you can do whatever you wish..!) :)


    11. Now you need to run the SPECviewperf test(s) again.
    Look in step 1d. to see how you should set up the PC before runnning the test(s).
    But this time, save the results as "summary_quadro_mode_all.txt", "summary_geforce_mode_awadvs.txt" etc. etc.
    If any of the tests will hang, or even crash the PC,
    then you know that the mod was NOT successful.. :(
    If all tests run to the end, with no hangs, and you also see the results increase 100% - 1000% when comparing to the GeForce mode results,
    then you know that the mod was 100% successful! :)


    X. Extra trick needed for FX 5600 owners:

    X1. Unzip the 4251.exe file.

    X2. Open (2x click) the nv4_disp.inf file.

    X3a. Find the line - almost at the bottom - where it says:

    NVidia.Nv31GL.1 = "NVIDIA NV31GL "

    X4a. Change it so it says:

    NVidia.Nv31GL.1 = "NVIDIA Quadro FX 500"

    ..jump down to X5...!


    Why 42.51 / 45.28 indeed ARE the latest drivers.

    You may try using a much later driver - a ForceWare driver - 6x.xx / 7x.xx / 8x.xx / 9x.xx
    - you may get your PC showing "Quadro FX xxxx" in the Display Properties.
    You may run your PC "as usual" - start it, surf internet, play Direct3D games - everythings fine.

    But that won't help you!

    The moment you start using an OpenGL application
    - which will actually use the patched nv4_mini.sys file... will not work.

    It may crash, it may corrupt the display - it will not work as its suppposed to.

    The safest way to find out if your nv4_mini.sys file is good or not,
    is to download and run any of the SPECviewperf tests.

    But - make sure that you have indeed unlocked the Quadro features...

    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> (Appearance and Themes) -> Display
    "Settings" tab -> "Advanced" button -> "Quadro FX ....." tab
    Now select "OpenGL Settings"
    In "Performance and Compatibility Options", can you select
    "Use unified back/depth buffer"
    "Enable quadbuffered stereo API"
    "Enable Overlays"
    "Enable gamma correction for antialiased lines"


    Under "Custom OpenGL Applications Setting", can you select
    "3D Paint"
    "3D Studio Max"

    ...etc. etc. ?

    If you can not, you have not unlocked the Quadro OpenGL features.
    Your card may still show "Quadro ..." as its name in "Settings" tab,
    but it's still working as a regular GeForce.
    (The reason for this is that the name is taken from "nv4_disp.inf",
    by editing that, you can make it show up as "Quadro FX 500000" if you want..
    ..but still, it will work as a GeForce!)

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    5x580 2x590 2x780Ti 1x970
    Kudos to you, clokkevi for giving such a detailed description of the process with the new release of RivaTuner! I bow to your diligence! ;)

    Damn good work! :)
  3. Yornotic Blue

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    SAPHIRE Radeon HD 4870
    THX for your nice job. Now I've installed MaxTreme and using it!
    (always sorry for my broken English)
  4. leontan

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    FX 5800

  5. AlecRyben

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    Why is this not sticky?
  6. I have installed driver 61.77. How to do that? Uninstall 61.77 driver and then install 45.28 driver and next install RivaTuner...etc.?

    Or leave driver 61.77 and all modifications wit RivaTuner makes on the disk and next update modified files thru windows into driver 61.77??

    P.S.: Excuse me for my english :)
  7. AlecRyben

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    5x580 2x590 2x780Ti 1x970
    1. Uninstall 61.77
    2. Install 45.28 drivers
    3. Install RivaTuner
    4. Unpack (not install) 45.28 drivers in some temp folder
    5. Patch drivers in the temp folder using the RivaTuner patchscripts
    6. Start NVSTRAP and force the ID to Quadro FX 3000
    7. Reboot
    8. When windows detects new hardware either point to the temp folder with patched drivers or just say "cancel" and go to the folder with patched drivers and start setup.exe
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  8. Thanx buddy :)
    I understand!
  9. [AT]Sim

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    But my fx 5600 is now detected as fx 5600 go is that normal?
  10. zappyisfun

    zappyisfun Guest

    will this work with a fx5200?

  11. AlecRyben

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    As far as i know there are some success stories about
    GeForce FX 5200 -> Quadro FX 500
    GeForce FX 5600 -> Quadro NV31GL (engineering sample, since the official Quadro based on that chip was not released in favor of the Quadro FX 700 with NV35GL chip instead of the NV31GL)

    I think that they have used Detonator 42.51 drivers...
  12. spud_2011

    spud_2011 Guest

    ehi guys.. is that better installing 45.28 drivers rather than 61.77 for softqudring my 5900xt?
  13. AlecRyben

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    5x580 2x590 2x780Ti 1x970
    If you want to softquadro, forget about 6X.XX drivers.

    As a matter of fact, you can't softquadro anything above 45.28 for GeForce FX 5800 & 5900 and anything above 42.51 for GeForce4 & GeForce FX 5600.
    On the other hand, it seems that with the newest Rivatuner you can softquadro 53.03 drivers for GeForce FX 5700 -> Quadro FX 1100, but i am not so sure about that...
  14. razor12

    razor12 Guest

    Hmm 45.28 for FX 5800 & 5900
    and what driver use for FX 5950 ?

    And one question, I have system from Ati VGA and I buy new nVIDIA FX5950U. My system don't have driver nvidia.

    Is better instal first normal driver for my new nvidia VGA and then INSTAL Riva tuner, or instal Riva tuner and works under
    Ati driver and setup and switch driver for Nvidia and then instal directly new 5950 to changed softquadro driver ?

    Thank you in advance for help.

    ps: excuse me for my english.
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  15. AlecRyben

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    GeForce FX 5950 (NV38) is actualy equal to GeForce FX 5900 (NV35) in everything but the clock speed. The NV38 is just a redesigned NV35 in order to achieve higher clock speeds.

    If you have an ATI VGA, the proper way of doing it is:
    1. Instal RivaTuner
    2. Uninstall ATI drivers
    3. Unpack (but not install) NVIDIA 45.28 drivers for patching
    4. patch the NVIDIA drivers
    5. Use RivaTuner's NVSTRAP and force a Quadro FX 3000
    6. Reboot and install the patched drivers

  16. razor12

    razor12 Guest

    Yes, It working super.
    I have Quadro FX 3000. ;)

    THANK YOU : Clokkevi and AlecRyben.
  17. Farner Brown

    Farner Brown Guest

    Hello, razor12.

    There aren't that many users that have specifically posted softmods on 5950 Ultras. Though in principle and design they're merely 5900s, could you post some SpecView benchmarks on your new Quadro mod?

    On a different thread, they're trying to isolate SPECIFIC cards with high UGS ratings.

    Please note that despite the "Quadro" softmod, NOT ALL Quadro features are enabled.

    SpecView 7.1 and 7.1.1 update:

    A GOOD mod benchmark should give values like this:

    Run All Summary

    3dsmax-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 24.58

    drv-09 Weighted Geometric Mean = 138.3

    dx-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = 131.6

    light-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 28.18

    proe-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 37.77

    ugs-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 47.90

    ugs-03 (the last line) is usually below 10 for most users. How did your mod figure?

    Do reply, it would be of great help.:D
  18. ti3ucuong

    ti3ucuong Guest

    i just softmod my ti4200 to day to quadro 780 XGl. i tyr maya and seem the problem i got with viewport gone but at i get so overjoyed i keep prssing space to switch the view port and it free my computer :(.is it normal ? i dont c any menu like my friend quadro card which otimise for maya and 3dmax ? where it goan or softmod dont have it ?
  19. AlecRyben

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    5x580 2x590 2x780Ti 1x970
    Regular 4xAGP Ti 4200 should be modded into Quadro4 700 XGL.
    Only Ti4200 8xAGP with 128Mb RAM should be modded into Quadro4 780 XGL.
  20. Drunkenmasta

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    GB GTX 260 OC + Acer 26"
    Hey, I did my Ti 4200 and it detected it as Quadro4 780 XGL. It froze when I was playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but was fine on NFSU.

    I am sorry if I seem like I am being a little pessimistic here, but I really can't see the point of this whole Quadro thing. Not only did I have out of date drivers (using 42.31), I was getting extremely slow framerates in Return to Castle Wolfenstein (before it froze). Usually I get 91 FPS Max with 2xQ AA, AA off and the rest on under 1280 x 960 x 32. It was lagging it's ass off at 36 FPS. Not only did this make me think what a waste of my time, but also I missed out on my Digital Vibrance I get with the latest drivers.

    It's cool for everyone who uses it to their advantage, but for me it doesn't do any benefit at all.

    But interesting still that you can change GeForce to Quadro :p

    P.S Sorry if I have bursted anyone's bubble :(, but this is just fact.

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