Geforce 347.09 WHQL Driver

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    EVGA 1080ti FE SLI
    Anyone getting issues with Project cars and its shadows? Playing California Highway and setting the time to 8:30am to see how pretty this game looks with my shiny new graphics cards to find the shadows are...kind of disappearing and then appearing out of nowhere. Its like should i display shadows? yesnoyesnoyessssssnonoyesnoyes. If ya know what I mean. It's a bloody mess. Not too worried I'm quite happy playing the better sim Assetto Corsa but I wanted to give PCars a whirl for its eye candy to find this. tried lowering "shadows" detail in Pcars but problem persists. Might be something to do with the fancy lighting options like lens flare and sun something or rather?

    Other than this I'm loving these new cards with the 347.09s and they're running all my games extremely well.


    Heres a quick video to show you what I mean.
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    EVGA RTX 2070
    still got the bug where games plays at 59.9fps instead of 60fps on windows 8.1
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    something I had not noticed till today, before I installed the 347.09 drivers my nvidia inspector never said modified on bios, was jusst 84.04.1F.00.2B

    after installing the drivers mentioned it has modified in brackets

    how can that be the case if I have not flashed the card, also its asus strix and there is no bios flash update for that manufacturer right now as far as I know.

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