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Geforce 2 mx is it worth using latest drivers?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by roycymru, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. roycymru

    roycymru Guest

    I have an antiquated ELSA Geforce 2 MX card which has served me well over the years. The drivers installed are old (21.81) but seem to work resonably well. Before I put it into retirement I was wondering if installing any of the latest drivers would give the old girl a new lease of life, and if so which ones would people recommend?

    (Pentium III 800, Windows 98 SE, Direct X 9.0b)
  2. effenjee

    effenjee Master Guru

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    ATI Radeon 9800xt
    not if you plan on playing any contemporary 3d games.

    otherwise, if you use it for 3 year old games, and/or internet surfing and business apps, keep it.
  3. Jkhan

    Jkhan Guest

    the latest dets won't offer anything new for your card, but the Omega detonators will give new life to your card......I suggest you keep this card till the prices come down and new products are introduced into the market.
  4. roycymru

    roycymru Guest

    Is there any particular Omega driver release I should use? What is the background to Omega Drivers, are they written by enthusiats?

  5. Taskman

    Taskman Active Member

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    GTX780 SLI
    The amiga driver is tweaked original.. Not everybode get more performane or quality..
    For many ppl they rock for some they dont work at all..
    U can try the omega driver i u want u can find the here
    For me the 44.03 or 43.45 omega was good.. the newest ws not so good
    i use ASUS own cause they pull the best out of my card..

    Maybe u shoudl try 40.71 cause they are some of the best performance driver :)

    hope u find something u like
  6. damage^

    damage^ Master Guru

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    Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti OC
    Try and find out !
  7. Jkhan

    Jkhan Guest

    you should download and check the following versions if you like:

    1. 4354 (has given me performance in latest games)
    2. 4403 (mediocre performance)
    3. 4523 (satisfactory )
  8. donk

    donk Guest

    43.54 or 43.45?
  9. Jkhan

    Jkhan Guest

    sorry, it's 43.45..........my mistake

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