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    Hi, First i would like to say, Thanks a lot for your good work.

    I was using an old version of ATT (1.0.? dont remember well) but ive installed the Beta release I do use HotKeys to raise,lower and reset Gamma but since the new version, It seems i cant raise it as much as the older version. My 19" Viewsonic is pretty old by now and and all it need is a good boost of Gamma ;)

    I did try to change the value in the registry, Max seems to be 240 (F0) If the value is higher, ATT seems to put it back to max.

    Raising Brigthness and/or Contrast dont give the same result as Gamma.

    Do i should go back to the old version ?


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    I can't answer your question. I've tried the "1009" build beta (which I thought was the latest) and found I could boost these values far higher than I would ever need.

    But you might want to try tying color profiles to hotkeys. It's very convenient and flexible. I've got 3 progressively "brighter" profiles tied to 3 hotkeys plus one "reset color" hotkey.

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