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Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by UltraCow, Oct 2, 2002.

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    First, I want to say that RivaTuner rocks! Anyway, I was wondering if there is any way in RivaTuner or the Dets to override the D3D and OGL gamma controls that apps control and make the Dets control this. If anyone needs more info lemme' know.

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    id like to know something about this too. i use to play nfs porsche unleashed and this game performs its own gamma ramp correction or whatever it is, and it looks really dark. the low-level and the driver level color corrections have no effect under the game.
    is there a way i can work around this?
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    NVIDIA introdused really kewl feature in 40.xx (w2k/xp only!!!) at last: now the Detonator's color correction is the base for standard SetDeviceGammaRamp. It means that with these drivers the driver's color settings affect the games now, also now you can use it simultaneously with RT's low level color correction.
  4. UltraCow

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    So for now, there's no way for us poor Win98SE users to fix this, right?

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