Gaming monitor purchase. Fools rush in! LOL

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    When purchasing a monitor most folks just look at the specs and purchase but because of the many variations in brands and models and the continual experimentation and proprietary additions this is not advisable. The TN style panel (behind your monitor screen)is the cheapest at the moment. There are more expensive technologies (PVA etc.). The object (to me) is to spend the least amount for the best while this technology is perfected! We as gamers are looking for the best pixel response time but I discovered there are some 2ms monitors that actually have more input lag than advertised 5ms monitors. The added features can also cause motion blur in fast paced games making a 2ms perform like a 5ms monitor! You see ,this is why your research before purchase is essential. These companies are doing so much experimentation that you can find a monitor with all the specs you want and yet they may have added a new proprietary "color gamut" that actually causes more motion blur and input lag! In one article I read ,a Samsung spokesman said the normal user doesn't need to know all the specifics! The Samsung 226BW is considered a great gaming monitor. Unfortunately Samsung used five different stlye panels in that model and the non Samsung panels were inferior. Of course Samsung sent the good monitors for review. Now fortunately good reviewers are starting to review each version. What Samsung has done is release the 226CW with a guaranteed Samsung panel inside but also added the new color gamut which causes the motion blur and input lag that we gamers don't want. Another thing I read is that the 24 inch monitors aren't perfected enough to display non native resolution games without the lag although the 22 inch monitors can for now but again it depends which one you choose. Here are some links for research:

    1- ... -wave.html

    2- compare monitor test results



    5- links to a site with a free program to test for dead pixels on your monitor.

    6- link to check lcd monitor

    Of course Google search is your friend in this process. I actually hung out at Best Buy for about 70 minutes researching model number variations because after I did my homework and knew which one I wanted, lo and behold they had that model with new and improved added features!

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