Games that left you in awe

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    That bought back some memories :)
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    Yeah i have a vectrex in my attic:)
    You can get them on ebay quite cheap, ive had mine since the mid 90s.
    There are some types of hardware i would never sell, the vectrex being one of them along with the neo geo and pc engine, both years ahead of there time.

    On a side note i think it would be good if we had a retro thread/section here were we could play and compete on coin-op games for highscores.
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    Hexen: Beyond Heretic

    Back when the game came out, it really surprised me. Leaving me honestly amazed with the game.
    Not only was I in love with the visual style of the game, but they managed to really crank out a lot from the Doom engine.
    Blowing wind, leaves drifting from trees... thick fog filling in caves and swamps.
    Add in breakable objects, windows... enemies that would hide in the water and attack when you waded through.

    And, if broke away from the FPS standard at the time. No level to level "find a key, open a door, find an exit" formula.
    The idea of traveling back and forth between worlds to solve puzzles, unlock keys, replace missing gears of a clock to unlock new areas... it was really impressive for the time.

    Hexen still stands as possibly my favorite shooter of that time.
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    I was playing the Google Maps game, it left me here


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