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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by irishmonkey, Dec 10, 2011.

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    XFX 6950 2 gig
    ok this is annoying me big time.

    My rig 2600k oc'd 4.5
    asus p67 delux 2001 bios
    corsair 650 watt psu
    6950 unlcoked to 6970 and oc;d to 900 core 1350 memory
    8 gig gskill rip jaw ddr3 1600 8-8-8-24
    m4 series ssd sata 3

    my issue. latley iv been getting micro stutters in games. (BF3 and skiryim)

    i know im blowing the requirments outa the water so what do you guys think it is? could my oc be messing things up?
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    MSI 970 (Gaming)
    Well I always run a res evil 5 bench and if that stutters or doesnt run butter smooth then you have problems. Or aliens versus predator should run smooth in dx11 (well that can have wee moments of lag).

    Ocing your cpu would help more. What res are you @?

    Bf3 and skyrim I wouldnt say run 100 percent smooth for me. Skyrim def has some lag issues in a few towns...and bf3 has its moments. But these are very few n far between...

    If your ocs are stable it is unlikely they are causing stutter...they would crash the game or pc if not right.

    Dodgy driver are the most likely culprit or not enough gpu/cpu power or settings to high...(gen use in-game settings and i use vsync for bf3 and skyrim seems to be capped to 60fps as well).

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