GALAX GeForce GTX 1070 Box Photo and Renders Surface

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 23, 2016.

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    Bang for buck relative to consoles has plummeted hard in the latest years, I remember I could easily play xbox games at twice console resolution (480i vs 768p) on my ati 8500 and friends with the fx5200 did it too, pff I was able to play call of duty 2 on dx7 40/60 @1024x768 smoothly. Then a couple of years after the xbox360 arrived one could get a $80 hd4670 (donĀ“t remember the nvidia equivalent) and easily play console games at twice console resolution as well (1024p vs 540p). But today it seems that nvidia and amd have decided that you need to drop a small fortune to get the same amount of physical memory of the consoles and play at the same walmart tv 1080p resolution, oh and if you want smooth gameplay you better grab a new gsync/freesync monitor, because the card wont get you there by itself. IMO these two need to go under investigation again, because they are known to be naughty.
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    I'm on the same "sensible" thinking. I'm sticking with my 980ti as well as believe it or not, I recently downgraded my setup to go back to 1080P gaming. 4K was fun and so was 21:9 ultrawide but since I game less on PC lately, I decided to just downgrade and to be honest, 4K is and will always be IMO, OVERKILL. 1440P is reasonable but I just use DSR on my Asus VG248QE if playing some older games and other well optimized games like Doom. On Rise of the Tomb Raider, I stay on 1080P with DX12 and everything else maxed.
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    Nice. I have paid over $400 for my r9 290 card. I was kind of bummed out when the 970 came out because of what the card was capable of doing for a cheaper price. I hope by getting a 1070 instead of an AMD card that I have learned from my previous experience.
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    Within 1 year HBM will be so over produced that even the low end cards will have a minimum 8gb of it. GDDR5/5X will be a thing of the past. In a few years from now memory bandwidth/capacity won't be something we even worry about.

    I'd bet if i came back here in 2 years from now then most here will have a card utilizing HBM.

    Anyone with a high end Maxwell card and using a low res like 1080p should be fine until Volta. Of course including myself would love a 1440p monitor, especially a 144hz one let alone having a 4k one.

    I'm not sure 1070 is there yet for 4k but i'd hope Volta could finally get us decent fps @4k while having a high to ultra settings in games.

    btw if you love computer tech/hw and your hobby is building and playing with computers and components you should of realized by now that we unfortunately have a situation where if you want the fps then we are going to pay a high price if we want to keep up with the pace. Gone are the days were a high end system lasted 4+years. 2 years now and tech already lags behind.

    The problem is that they aren't even gonna settle for 4k or even 8k so the push for ever higher resolutions will continue and TV companies can sell more TVs/monitors but they have to wait because GPUs/Internet is holding them back.

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    Does someone know, when will be reviewers supply by 1070 cards and when review NDA will expire?
    Because you know, Geforce 1080 launch is 27th and reviews were available on 17th, 1070 launch is 10th June, so review should be available around 1th - theoretically speaking..
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    No way,

    I'm on 980 SLI and running low on Vram at 144hz Gync @ 1440p.

    Division, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, Even DOOM runs close at times.

    Evolve tops off, even though nobody plays that anymore....I still have fun with SP bots.

    Although I agree with the 1070 being a good price considering as you said. 500-600 for the Radeon 9800 pro in the past.
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    Why MSi or ASUS is not on the line.... when they normally showed up their GTXs when new gpus geared up?

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