G3258 Build - advice needed please

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by crabman, Jun 13, 2015.

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    Hi Guys
    Stumbled across this CPU whilst contemplating a new build, initially I was tempted by the I7 4790k but then I read on forums that it was probably overkill if computer was just for watching movies, surfing, little bit of gaming and the G3258 was suggested as a good alternative which overclocks exceptionally well, so after some deliberation I am going to build a modest system around this chip.

    I am looking for gems that are modestly priced which deliver fantastic performance, can not decide on ram or gpu & cpu cooler, I want this system to be relatively quiet, looking for suggestions and advice, I dont want the build to be bottle necked by anything I buy, it is a bonus if components allow for some overclocking as it is fun to tinker.

    so far I have bought
    Seasonic 600w PSU
    Asus Z97-A

    as you can see I have some bits to buy, please feel free to make any suggestions, and please be candid/honest thanks in advance for any help given.
    have a great weekend


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    If you aren't doing a ton of gaming, but want something decent, for the GPU I'd consider:

    HD6970 $90
    GTX750Ti $130
    r9 270X /280 $165-170
    GTX960 ~$190

    Ram, I'd just grab 8GB of ddr3 1600/1866, whatever is cheap at the time of a brand you like.

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