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FX8350 Autumn Upgrade.

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by BOYDIE-NI, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. nz3777

    nz3777 Ancient Guru

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    Gtx 980 Strix
    Fx 8320e user here also, It is an upgrade but minimum fps increase ive seen tests done with Ryzen 10 fps lead thats not a Major improvement if you ask me. Ive been waiting to upgrade for some time now but if anything id go with intel as they have the highest clock speeds which translates to more fps in games. My gaming time has gone done drastically maybe once a week if iam lucky.

    9900k is good choice
    8700k i7
    9700k cant go wrong with any of those and 5ghz is more easily achived.
  2. Undying

    Undying Ancient Guru

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    Aorus RX580 XTR 8GB
    My friend is still using FX 8150 4ghz the first revision of crappy bulldozer chip. I must say its beating 2500k in everything except some heavy single threaded games. I imagine 8350 is even faster.
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