Futuremark developer responds to accusations of cheating in Time Spy benchmark.

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by mtrai, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Last i heard async was disabled on Maxwell to stop performance tanking with the implementation that devs were using.

    If it's just Nvidia stepping in at a driver level to stop devs going mad and ruining performance why would anyone want to try and take things further and sue them.
    They would win by removing the limitations and letting devs tank your performance.

    Cheers, i'm a reader and not really a video watching person, but will see if i can concentrate and listen to that.
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    Anyhow, I am very glad this entire conversation has pretty much not been mean spirited and hardly got into my toy is better then your etc.

    It's purpose was to bring meaningful discussion to the table from both sides in a mature manner, as well as draw attention to theses issues so maybe we all would get a better understanding.

    I know have not posted much over the many years but thought the differences here warranted further discussion.

    For all that I am thankful. Thanks everyone!
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    I think locking-out DX12 capable cards just because of AC is childish tbh.

    Referring back to my question, it's been answered with a screenshot that is valid. To me, it doesn't matter how they did it, what matters is the option works.

    Do you moan about games that offer the option to use different api's? Because what you're arguing against is really the same thing except within a DX12 benchmark.

    With your mentality, Vulkan for Doom wouldn't have happened. Games that support DX and OpenGL wouldn't happen. Games with DX11 and DX12 wouldn't happen. Surely, you can see my point here.

    Your restrictive thinking offers no value to gamers/benchmarkers/users in general, only limitations. In-fact, you would force all users to upgrade to keep up with the latest games because there wouldn't be any other option.

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