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    So at some point, workarounds to disable them stopped working. I have had a love affair with emulators for quite some time, so i didnt pick up on it entirely until recently.

    I had been using the GameDVR_FSEBehavior 2 addition to the registry to disable globally for awhile.

    Since its no longer working via that means, I want to reset things to how theyre supposed to function, and work from there to get it working globally again.

    Presumably editing GameDVR_DXGIHonorFSEWindowsCompatible and GameDVR_HonorUserFSEBehaviorMode to 1 will restore it to true exclusive full screen.

    Still, my point for posting is trying to ascertain what the GameDVR_FSEBehaviorMode registry entry applies to? I also have this set to 2, however im trying to understand what setting it to 1 or 0 does?

    Ive toggled everything I can think of in the game bar settings and it stays put, as does GameDVR_FSEBehavior (which id expect since this was added manually).

    Also worth noting that even with GameDVR_FSEBehaviorMode set to 2, I can turn on, and use the game bar now so im unsure what thats actually FOR, and what its set to by default in windows 10.

    Anyone able to answer that for me?

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