[Free - Origin On the House] Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault

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    Awesome! "downloading now"
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    It's the oddest form of nitpicking.
    And to no end.

    Yes, EA is a publisher... but, as a publisher they own several development studios. And so what if they rename those studios to "EA whatever the f***"... it's an EA branded subsidiary at that point.
    And yes, does make EA a developer. As the studio they bought became EA at that point.

    It's like saying Rockstar North isn't really a Rockstar developer because they used to be DMA Design. So, Rockstar doesn't develop the GTA series.

    And as for EA LA (Danger Close/Dreamworks... again... whatever)...
    Yes, they were commissioned for the development of a new Medal of Honor game, but they also wanted to.
    They had developed the original MoH on Playstation. It was something they really wanted to do, and they really wanted to do something most didn't. A WWII shooter focusing on the Pacific theater.
    Most didn't want to touch that because... Nazi... that's a safe enemy you can sell.
    The Japanese... ohhh... we don't want to do that... too touchy of a subject.
    So, they actually had to fight to get that concept approved were EA wanted a safe, Nazi themed sequel.

    And, side note, BulletStorm... PCF said that they had tried shopping the concept that would become BulletStorm around before they accepted Epic's purchase offer.
    And no publisher wanted anything to do with the game. It wasn't a safe "CoD" style FPS. Publishers didn't want to take a gamble on a new IP. And even after Epic's purchase of the studio, they still had to convince EA it was a worth while investment.
    A buddy who worked at PCF (now with The Astronauts) said that they were very close to ditching the idea all together and just working on a licensed project for Epic instead.
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    That's literally what I was saying. Many studios were independant for their first game, then became EA subsidiaries. If EA is "just" the publisher, it's not just as much an EA game as it is when it's developed in-house. Half-Life 2: Episode Two was published by EA for instance, but it's not what you'd call an EA game. MoHPA is.

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