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    So not sure if my system has an issue or if I am just pulling my hair out for no reason.

    Doesn't matter what game I play I end to get these frametime spikes I cannot seem to get an explanation for.

    The spikes happen with or without overclocks. I also ran the computer with just essential programs and virus scans are all clear. Also happens without any monitoring programs on as well. Capping fps low seems to cut down the frequency of the spikes but usually still happens.

    Here are some screenshots look at the frametime/framerate images:

    Here is also my userbenchmark:

    I need help trying to figure out if there is something wrong.

    Now in this video, , the person hardly has any spikes and he is running at 4k. When I play at 1440p at around 80 to 90 fps uncapped I seem to get spikes all over the place. Even capping at 60 fps I get spikes more often then in this video.

    So far I am thinking of 2 things with a possible third. 1. My RAM speed is slow and can be a bottleneck. I've been trying to find more details on this but cannot find much. 2. My cpu is a bottlenecking. I do notice that while gaming my gpu and cpu can be around 80 to 90%. The last part of maybe a faulty MB.

    If anyone can help I would appreciate it or at least tell me if the performance I am getting seems about right. I can also provide benchmarks if anyone wants. Benchmarks show normal scores with other 2080 ti cards.

    Organized the monitoring programs with the following links

    Divsion 2 DX12: Witcher 3: Breakpoint: Apex Legends:
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    Do you see these spikes while gaming or they only appear in the MSI Afterburner reports?
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    Either standby list, or control flow guard, check the forum search for topics on either.

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