Forza Horizon 3

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    I don't like this game cause I think is more arcade than it should be.

    But first let me introduce myself as a racer.
    When its about racing games I am always on the arcade side.
    I traditionaly find the perfect balance between arcade and realism,
    in the Codemasters titles(CMR, Dirt, Grid).
    I enjoyed the 70% of the NFS series,
    and I had some great time with the Flatout titles.
    I tried but I never liked the pure simulation titles like Rfactor, Assetto Corsa etc.
    I found Dirt Rally awesome but I quit playing it after two weeks because it was extremely difficult for me and I couldn't progress.
    I loved Project Cars 1 and 2.
    TDU 2 is in my top 5 pc games of all time.

    My first impressions with Forza Horizon were great.
    First of all because it reminded me TDU2!
    Then it looks gorgeous and has a stellar performance in my system.
    70fps average at 4k, maxed out, 4AA.
    But after 2 - 3 days of intensive gaming I found that the handling was too arcade.
    No, I was not expecting realism from a game with lambo and ferrari races on the beach.
    I believe though that a less arcade overall experience would be more adeguate to the caractere of the game.
    But maybe this(the (lack of)caractere) is the main problem.
    FH3 is not an off road racer like Dirt.
    Its not an asphalt racer like PC2.
    Its not an arcade run&fun like Flatout.
    It could combine a bit of the above,
    but it ends doing nothing well in my opinion.
    I have also mixed feelings for the online part.
    The little games(capture the flag etc) are really silly,
    and the races are indifferent.
    I only liked the online free roam.

    It can be that I don't like the Forza 'feeling'.
    As I never had an Xbox,
    this was my absolute first experience with the Forza series.
    And after the FH3 purchase I downloaded the Forza Motosport 7 Demo and the Forza Motosport 6 Apex.
    I didn't liked at all the handling and the general feeling of FM7.
    Strangely, I liked the Apex,
    which has the most negative users feedback between the three.

    More than twenty days that I am not touching the game,
    and I don't know if I ll come back.

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