Forza games (Apex, Horizon, 7, etc) and RivaTuner

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    I need some help, hope someone can share a light. If any of you has played any Forza game on PC, basically the frame time is the worst mess ever, which is also ironic because at some non-Microsoft games the so called Full Screen Optimizations at some games do help to give a consistent frame time, yet a Microsoft game is unable to work with a Microsoft feature.

    Anyway, jokes aside, I've tried to lock the game to 60 with RivaTuner Global profile; I could also add the .exe but all in all, its the same, the game does recognize the cap, the frame time does get to 16.6 ms, but the game has constant mini hiccups at all races, sorry for not proving the MSI graph, but the frame time line is like this:


    You get the idea. Even by setting the Framerate Averaging Interval to zero to minimize the fps cap delay, the game does not seem to be smooth, well, it is, except for the hiccups. I don't think this is related to DX12 because other DX12 games work fine with RivaTuner fps cap.

    Is there anyhing that can be done? I've also tried nVidia Inspector FRLM V2 but its also very unstable, although a bit better than just using the in-game v-sync and the in-game 60 fps cap.

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