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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by hazindu, Nov 30, 2002.

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    Just like to say, it's good to see that there are some sites left who actually care enough to do an indept detailed sound card review that is comprehendable to the average gamer. Nice work.

    I understand how a respectable site like this one doesn't want to answer direct questions demanding favoritism towards a certain company, but it would be nice to see an article comparing all the major sound card players; creative, philips, hercules, turdle beach, etc comparing strengths and weeknesses and picking an overall winner for various catorgories(i know that one is mispelled lol, close enough, i hope)
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    yep, ya have a few mistake there. That article would be nice, I saw a similar one about a year ago. But I stopped relying on reviews for sound, as it's very much about your taste, and my bro in law is way into sound, I'm more comfortable relying on his somewhat more educated opinion.

    gtxp if your wondering.
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    creative, philips, hercules, turtle beach ... only one in there we did not review.

    There is only a certain amount we can do and mostly it comes down to the manufacturer if he/she decides to send out a test-sample. Phillips for that matter does not even respond to our hails, and believe me we've tried.

    The two major players in general for gamers however are Creative and Hercules. Therefor we try to review as much as we can from them.

    We can't do it all, but believe me, we do our best in a very objective way. In about 2 weeks you'll see an Audigy2 review.

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