FNW vs Alienware HEAD TO HEAD (very surprising)

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    Unless someone has never done this in this forum..for your perusal...These systems are virtually identical...the Bottom Line WILL surprise you...these quotes were taken as custom systems from both web sites SIMULTANEOUSLY and prices are currents as of 01/09/01. Leave your comments for others to see.<P>Falcon NorthWest<P>Case : 3- 51/4" & 5- 31/2" (2 open) bays, 300 Watt PS, 2 extra fans ]<BR>Floppy : TEAC 1.44mb 31/2" Drive ]<BR>Motherboard : Asus A7V KT133 5PCI 0ISA ATA100 3 DIMM (AMD Thunderbird Compatible) ]<BR>CPU : AMD Thunderbird 900Mhz, 256k Full Speed L2 Cache, w/ cooler ]<BR>Hard drive : IBM Deskstar 75GXP 30GB 7200RPM ATA100 ]<BR>Memory : 256 Megabyte SDRAM, 7 ns, PC133, CAS 2 -133MHz ]<BR>CD ROMs : HP Surestor 9500i 32X read/ 12X record / 8X re-write, IDE ]<BR>Sound cards : Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! - Value ]<BR>Video : Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32mb GeForce2 ]<BR>Keyboard : Microsoft Natural PRO PS/2-USB V1.0 ]<BR>Mice : Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer - 5btn/Scroll - Optical ]<BR>Speakers : Creative Labs FourPoint Digital Surround - FPS2000 (Black) ]<BR>Modems : 3Com V.90 Hardware PCI Modem ]<BR>Gaming Peripherals : CH Products F-16 Combatstick - 14 func. with throttle - USB ]<BR>OS : Microsoft Windows ME Millenium Edition w/CD & Cert. ]<BR>Networking : 3 Com 905C-TX 10/100, PCI, NIC ]<P> The Total Price For Your New System Is: $2,998.00 <P>AlienWare<P>Case: SPACE BLACK ATX Mid-Tower Case (300-Watt PS) <BR>Standard 1.44MB Floppy Drive<BR>VIA KT133 Motherboard w/1AGP/5PCI for Athlon Processors<BR>Processor: AMD Athlon 'Thunderbird' 900MHz 3DNow! Processor w/Heatsink & Cooling Fan <BR>Hi-Performance Heatsink/CPU Cooling Fan <BR>Hard Drive: 30GB HD 9.0ms seek time, 7200RPM, UltraATA <BR>Memory: 128MB SDRAM (PC-133) <BR>Storage : HP 9500i 12X/8X Write 32X Read CDR-W Recordable-IDE <BR>Sound Card : SoundBlaster LIVE! Value<BR>Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS w/32MB DDR 4X AGP <BR>Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard 2-USB Ports <BR>Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - USB <BR>Speakers : Cambridge 4-Point FPS2000 Digital Speaker & Subwoofer<BR>Modems : US Robotics V.90 56K Internal Voice/Fax/Data <BR>Controller: CH Products F-16 Combatstick USB <BR>Microsoft Windows ME Operating System<BR>Ethernet NIC: PCI Ethernet 10-100 NIC <P>Warranty: Aliencare Toll-Free 1-Year 24/7 ONSITE Warranty (No-Charge) <BR>Shipping Method: Free Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air w/insurance through January 31, 2001 (No Charge) <P> Total = $ 1973.48 <P>
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    I've been hearing some stuff about another company(falcon graphics).. and wanted to compare them too.. <P>notice that there is some components that falcon graphics would not let me exclude or go that low of value........ i.e. 8x re-write burner, value soundcard, etc....<BR>is this a good deal???? also they have a $100 off right now... so please reply fast so I can know if i should buy from them...<P><BR>(copied from falcon graphics)<BR>Kestrel Series:<P>Standard Equipment: <BR>Thermal Take ORB Dual Fan 1.5Ghz Certified...<BR>Falcon Graphics Premium Video Cooling FREE!!<BR>Falcon Graphics Premium sUrface 1030 Mouse Pad<BR>Teac 1.44MB Floppy Drive<BR>SuperMicro 760A Case w/ 11 Case Fans<BR>Game Bundle (ALL FULL VERSION): Soldier of Fortune, Unreal Tournament, MDK2, Thief 2, Dues Ex,<BR>and one bonus game out of our list of games. Choose yours below... (Note: Game bundle subject to changes...)<BR>Full System Recovery CD Set.<BR>Falcon Graphics Custom System Info Binder, w/Benchmark Results<BR>One Year Falcon Express Overnight Part Replacement/Warranty!<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> CPU: AMD T-Bird 900Mhz w/3D Now <BR>Motherboard: Asus A7V KT-133, 1- 4x AGP, 5-PCI, 0-ISA, 5-USB, ATA-100 <BR>Case: SuperMicro 760A 300Watt Full Tower <BR>Memory: 128MB PC-133 Infineon SDRAM 7.5ns <BR>Hard Drive: IBM Deskstar 30GB 75GXP 8.5ms 7200RPM ATA-100 <BR>Video Card: Asus V7700 Pure 32MB Geforce 2 GTS <BR>Sound Card: Creative Labs SoundBlaster LIVE! 5.1 X-Gamer <BR>Speakers: Altec Lansing ACS54 PowerPlay Speakers 4 Spk w/ Subwoofer Black <BR>CD/DVD: Pioneer 16x/40x DVD-ROM 5th Generation w/Software Decoder <BR>CD-RW: TEAC 12/10/32 IDE CD-RW Internal <BR>Removable Media: None <BR>Additional Media: Falcon Graphics Starter 5-Pack 74Min CD-R Media CD-R/W Drive Required - FREE <BR>Network Card: Linksys LNE100TX w/WOL 10/100Mbit Fast Ethernet, PCI <BR>Modem: 3COM 56k V.90 Data/Fax Hardware Modem, PCI <BR>Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 5-Button PS/2-USB <BR>Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard PS/2-USB <BR>Operating System: Microsoft Windows ME, CD-ROM, Pre-Installed & Optimized <BR>FREE Bonus Game: Hitman, Installed, Updated & Configured <BR>Game Controller: None <BR>Game Controller 2: None <BR>Printer: None <BR>Scanner: None <BR>Power Strip: None <BR>UPS Backup: None <BR>Warranty: Falcon Graphics 1-Year TOLL FREE Technical Support/overnight part replacement - No Charge <BR>Monitor: None <BR>Intellibase: None <BR>Shipping: FedEx Ground Shipping, $99 <P>System Total: $2251.48 <BR> <BR>

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