Fm2 & Am3 board questions

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by MisterWhippy, Oct 22, 2017.

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    Gtx660ti + 260 ppu
    I have a few unrelated questions, and will provide as much info as possible.

    I am STILL using an M4n82 Deluxe motherboard. Still using Phenom II x2 550. Upgraded the other year to a Gtx660ti as a birthday present. It was new tech at the time. I use the gtx260 as a ppu for borderlands2 and it works great. Still using 4gb ram. YUCK

    Upgrading the cpu is easy and the list offered is comprehensive. Asus is good about that. HOWEVER. RAM/Memory is another issue. There is no way they could list all ram, so they blanketed it. I see a rare term in desktops in the manual:

    "You may install (Sizes from 512mb to 4gb) unbuffered ECC and non-ECC DDR2 DIMMs into the DIMM sockets"

    How frequent is this? I was not aware of the memory being the same pin, but this is new to me. Pc2-5300 ecc memory is dirt cheap. 16gb next to nothing. What difference from non-ecc could I expect? 4gb is not cutting it hahaha. I am really suffering in the ram department, and if 16gb of ecc does me better, sign me up.

    Heres my other question.

    I have a "new" tech board. Its a FM2 board. M-Atx form factor. A55M-E33 by MSI.

    It has a cpu that DOES NOT have a built in gpu (Its CPU not an APU). Will the board still output video via the HDMI?

    Thanks again!

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    Basically with ECC ram you can add 1 clock cycle to the timings so say your non ECC ram has timings 5-5-5-9 by using ECC it would go to 6-6-6-10 ever so slightly slower (there's probably more to it but you get the gist) but you'll not know the difference the one thing you do need to watch is how many dimms you use 4x4GB not really ideal for AMD CPU's they can have problems and you'll need to up the voltage for the CPU North Bridge to 1.4V

    I'd try just 2x4GB dimms to start with see how you get on

    as for the FM2 mobo you'll need DDR3 ram not DDR2 (for the M4N82 deluxe)

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