Five more editions are coming to Windows 10

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Extraordinary, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Check earlier in the thread... It's been mentioned. Also, in every article I've read concerning these editions have stated they would be sold to OEMs and not consumers. If you want sources, though, stop being lazy and find them. This whole idea of something being fiction because others are too lazy to spend 30 seconds on google is ridiculous and childish.

    Yes. It's called "volume licensing" or "bulk purchasing". It happens in every industry. It's always cheaper to buy a complete product than to build it yourself. It's cheaper to buy a car than to build it. It's cheaper to buy a TV than to build it. It's cheaper to buy a refrigerator than to build it. Should I continue? Selling to other manufacturers guarantees a sale, unlike putting a product on a store shelf. Manufacturers offer lower prices to other manufacturers that buy in large quantities because of the transferred risk of financial loss.
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    Guru3D is a good source, and main article page to this doesn't mention that OEMs are exclusive. I am not going to waste my time sifting through 100 posts to prove myself wrong about a point that I honestly don't really care about; this problem doesn't affect me personally.

    The whole idea of something being fiction because of "being too lazy to google it" is entirely the fault of the person who instigated the disagreement. If you're going to disagree with someone in the hopes they change their perspective, it is your responsibility to ensure you succeed in that. I have no obligation to do the research, and if that means I end up being wrong, well, that's my problem. If you don't care about changing my mind, you wouldn't be griping about "childish" behavior.

    If you can't prove your own point as easily as you suggest I should be able to, why should I do it for you, and why should I take it seriously?

    I'm aware... That doesn't disagree with my point though.
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    So, I can't upgrade from HDD -> SSD or Increase RAM to max or add/update a graphics card? Hell, even CPUs are usually upgradable as long as the CPUID matches up, I have done this many times.

    Even pretending that OEM systems cannot be upgraded, you still cannot escape the changing definitions of "mid range".

    I am also not sure why you are talking about laptops when this new license system does not specify laptops or desktops. Its PCs in general so a laptop that locks out certain things is not going to be the issue here, that is a small fraction of total upgrades performed on PCs in totality.
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    I do not mind the five version of Windows (though I think 3 is plenty) considering how they are priced. I would be spending the same amount for the version I presently use. I think where there may be confusion is when one not sure which version to buy gets a lesser version than they need.

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