First GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Benchmarks Leak Online

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 30, 2016.

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    There was 285 and 295, today we have 1080 Ti and Titan... I slept over that 2xx period, jumped from riva tnt 2 to gf 2 mx to 8600m then 650m then gtx 980, first and last time was bought that 980 card from middle segment (was like 670$) and was getting less than 40 fps on new games over that 2 years, gtx 1080 cost 840$ in my country, and they say you need at least SLI to play at new games... And you must know that avarage wages are 3 times lower than on normal country, this cards are overpriced...
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    UM WHAT!!!! Where are you getting this false information? My 1070 is playing most everything at maxish setting WQHD and decent setting at 4K. The 1080 will play most everything maxed on 2560x1440.
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    games and cards don´t have to be aligned, nvidia and amd knew years ago where games were heading, they have access to that stuff, still released a 2gb 960 that wasn´t any faster than the 760 in a few games, still released a $300 1060 that barely got better performance than an overclocked two year old $350 970.

    Well that stuff that now console ports are harder to run because they are now x86 from the ground up doesn´t make sense, you are inventing stuff, game code has always been like 99% the same between pc and console version anyway.

    Ps.- And it doesn´t matter if the 1060 is promoted as a 1080p or 2k card, it´s just pixels and older cards pushed waay more than consoles, which equals to a more solid card, better endurance as time passes, better ability to use those extra settings = better budget card.
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    Monchis; It's in the numbers which your 2 game series examples already show.


    Because of the goal-posts that you've set. Simple.

    Set the resolution back to 1080p, which is what consoles use and now you can see that those 30fps console games run well on PC.

    However, you're not doing that at all, instead you're raising the resolution and trying to compare games that are roughly a mix of medium to high settings on console to PC benchmarks which are running maxed-out settings at a higher resolution.

    Basically, you're the one making this up as you go and your comparisons don't take into account this convergence of x86 on consoles. You certainly don't even realise that both Farcry Primal and DE:MD are (barely) 30fps games on console. If you did, then, yeah, you would realise that these games are maxing-out consoles and it's obvious that they will be demanding games on PC also. However, the standard for PC gaming is 60fps+, not 30fps.

    Compare properly by using the latest games at 1080p, same settings as console and now look at the fps. To compare old games to new is meaningless, regardless of whether you pick 2 games from the same franchise or not.

    Here is an example using DE: MD;,6.html

    GTX 780ti is enough for a better than console experience @1080p. At Ultra settings, then, fps will match consoles, but, look even better. You will notice one thing though; the list doesn't include any 50 series budget cards. That's not to say it can't run this game, but, it would just be at the bottom of the list. On the other-hand, the GTX970 that you didn't buy runs over 60% faster than consoles at high and over 10% better at ultra (which consoles can't run at so isn't even really comparable) fps-wise.

    Convergence will continue with PS4 pro and Xbox Scorpio. These cards are sporting similar technology to AMD Polaris series (scorpio subject to change). Once games are released with these consoles in-mind, then, the performance difference between consoles and PC will shrink even further and the console ports that follow will show this next year. The only thing that will help widen this gap will be Volta and Vega.

    Finally, game code isn't 99% the same between PC and consoles. Higher texture quality on PC alone would refute this claim of yours (laughable). For an example of what happens when you try to do this; Quantum Break.

    Nope. Total bs once again. GTX1060 is NOT a 2k card, check Guru3d benchmarks. This is a fact using latest games so is confirmed. Budget cards have always been compromise cards. The GTX660 was an exception that proved the rule.

    After all that, if you still don't get why old comparisons are meaningless;

    Todays consoles ARE literally PC's. So, you're comparing a relatively cheap PC to desktop PC (that can have dirt cheap £25 card up-to £1000+ card). Of-course, the differences are going to become less and less, doh!
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    I dont think there big enough faceplam to cover what is happening here.

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    We have Epic, Megafacepalm, Ultimate etc if even a tri-facepalm is not enough.. :p

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