First ever overclock. E8400, ASUS P5K-E, DDR2-1000

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by DonMGard, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Thanks for the response and software FYI, LedHed. I downloaded IntelBurnTest ver1.9 by AgentGOD and it certainly does heat up the CPU much quicker than Prime.

    I tried 5 passes and it failed the 4th pass.

    So I dropped the BUS back to 460MHz and increased the multi back to 9x for a 4.14GHz OC, 1840 FSB, and the divider set to 1:1/920MHz RAM.

    I ran 30 passes, no problem although it did hit 73C at the peak temp. I then tried dropping the Vcore as you suggested to 1.250v set and it wouldn't boot to windows. 1.275v let it boot, but it crashed as soon as I started the burn test. 1.300v got me through 4 passes and it crashed the system on pass #5. Now I am have Vcore set to 1.325v (reads 1.306 in CPU-Z under load) and it did 5 passes OK and it is currently on pass 12 of 40. I have also noted that the peak temp is only hitting ~66-67C at this voltage (so I guess that is a good thing).

    So how does this impact my DRAM performance? Will it improve with a different divider (5:6) to run it at a higher speed? It is Kingston HyperX rated at 1066MHz(PC-8500) @ 2.2v so I should be able to run it faster than 920. I still don't understand why a 1:1 should be better than a 5:6 (or is it at this BUS speed?).
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    P5K pencil mod with GREAT success!


    I'm needing to have 1.36 vcore to be stable in IBT. This seems a bit excessive. Does anyone have any thoughts? Some google results show some people needing 1.4+, but I'm not fully convinced.

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