First Alleged Benchmark Results GeForce RTX 3080 Surface

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 9, 2020.

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    I was making the comparison to the future 3080 ti, which will essentially be the same as the 3090 but with less vram...

    If it didn't matter, then why does nvidia bother at all with bigger more expensive chips? Oh that's right, because it does matter. They are doing the 3080 on the big chip, because it wouldn't be able to have enough cores to be fast enough otherwise. And you seem to fail to understand, that the fact that they are using a nearly fully unlocked ga102 chip for the 3080 (not a highly cut down one - only 25% of the cores are disabled) means there is barely any room for improvement for the future 3080 ti. In other words the 3080 ti (or 3090) will at most be a measly 40-50 % faster than the 2080 ti, not the 70ish % faster that the 1080 ti was over the 980 ti. And that is all that matters - the improvement of the top end card over previous gen, not the lower tier cards... and that improvement is seemingly rather unimpressive.

    But you sound like a nvidia shill / fanboy, so this will be the last reply on my part.
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    I understand exactly what you mean and I had that in mind when I wrote my comment. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly or with the right wording.
    What I mean is that we're back at the prices of the 1000 series with a good performance increase. This is due to rumours of AMD competing in the high end, or I'm sure Nvidia wouldn't do this (3060 would be the 500€ this generation for sure).
    We need competition and I'll buy AMD over Nvidia in a blink of an eye, I just need a good performing product I can afford to replace my card. I couldn't care less with dedicated cores for stuff I'll never use (although AMD is entering the RT race too).
    GPU die space is paid at a premium, I want to pay for what I use and not based on vague promises.
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    Boy, you sure showed all of us!

    Well, better get back to shilling for nVidia by calling out people who have to make crap about things that don't exist in order to make a product look bad that hasn't even launched yet. crap ain't gonna happen by itself.
  4. lol - that was pretty funny
    I get it - I do - I really do. The internet is the worst way to express anger as you cannot resolve any of the conflicts caused as opposed to offline. Best just to live and let live, possibly join a gym or start boxing.
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