FirePro v5800 vs R9 270x in 3ds Max

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    R9 270x / FirePro v5800
    Hey guys! First time posting in the forum, hello to everyone, I am Luis from Argentina. I have just bought a used FirePro v5800 (hp issued), and I already own a Radeon R9 270X. I am trying to compare the viewport performance of both of them in 3ds Max 2013. I have created two 1Tb HDDs with windows 7 as OS, only installed 3ds Max 2013, and I run a test scene I created with around 20 highly tesselated boxes and checked the fps while orbiting. I thought I was going to get a slightly better performance from v5800 but in reality I got:

    R9 270x: aprox 25-30 fps

    v5800: aprox 5-8 fps

    Is this right? is r9 270x better even with the v5800 having better and more specialized drivers??

    Thank you for your answers!
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