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    Utilise AMD/Intel Power & RadeonPRO Tweaks&Tips

    Hello everybody

    Last Updated VIII/14/2017 !

    News, New Games/Engines announcements etc. See last Post's

    Please read AMD Crimson Driver section !
    Game Tweaks section is beneath this Main Post: The Witcher, Wolfenstein New, pCars, AC etc.

    Table of Contents

    1. AMD/ATI Site Drivers section + some Tweaks & New Moded Driver Compilation + Radeon Tools for Polaris

    2. Tech Demos, YT etc.
    3. Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO + Reshade 1.1 with SweetFX 2.0b
    4. RADEON Registry Tweaking Section
    5. Usefull Utilities
    6. Optimal online gaming experience Tweaks
    7. WinX & Win8 Tweaks
    8. CPU Tweaks AMD/Intel
    9. Games Deals, Keyshops Codes etc.[/SIZE]
    Below main thread post#3, Games Tweaks and more:

    10. X360 X1 JoyPad Emulation for older D-input USB JoyPads (i Have PS2 DualShock)
    11. Radeon Fiji Fury-X Moded BIOS for better OC

    12. CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) Tips, Tricks and Monitors OC (LCD/LED/CRT) (NEW!)

    in post #3 you have Games Tweaks&Tips with updated Table of Contents
    Reserved for Giveaways:

    Free Games and Giveaways !

    Grab a free Game (steam key) Please check that site regularly (give e-mail and wait for Mail ) ->

    For Editing ini's and other config's ect. Using Notepad++ is strongly recomended !

    Notepad++ Download

    Add Take Ownership for files/folders to ADMIN -> Make Windows Trully Yours !

    Take Ownership to ADMIN on my MEGA
    Remember not to change Windows Folder in any way after new Update ! Leave it as it is :nerd:

    New Section -> The News and Downloads !

    Drivers Section for ATI/AMD Radeon GPU's and APU's:


    Statin-Drivers Download Section, Great Drivers for Modifying

    Also Please Remember one thing: Use FLEM 1.0 to modify ini's in those Drivers !


    AMD/ATI Site Drivers section WWW

    ATI/AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.1 - Driver Version 17.10.3211.1031 (Windows Driver Store Version

    WDDM 2.2
    FH3 Fixed
    Old OGL Games Fixed
    Proper ReliVe + D3D 11_4

    -> Radeon ReLive, Radeon Chill, Radeon WattMan, HDR Gaming Support, VP9 Decode Acceleration
    More insights about features can be found in AMD/ATI WEB site !

    -> AMD/ATI Download Site

    New revision adds 4-15% FPS boost for all GCN GPUs (Great Boost for Fiji & Polaris noted +8-15%)

    AMD Crimson Driver, How to Have Solid Performance + Rock Stability

    First Install Crimson Package from AMD/ATI WEB site (WHQL or Beta)
    Then before Restart, install from 15.11.1 only CCC ! (if it will install drivers skip it, and do restart before this step)
    AMD-Catalyst-15.11.1Beta-Nov14 Download from my Mega

    Then make sure every .exe in
    C:\Program Files\AMD
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies
    Have Run as Administrator ! (click right then Properties and add it, you can leave it alone also its not mandatory step)

    Next don't Turn OFF AMD Fuel Service !!!!! should be Automatic if present.

    Then for AMD CPU's users run icc_patch.exe (availble for download below in AMD CPU OC section)
    And make sure you de-malwerize all above Folders + in Windows root: System32 and SySWOW
    Scan it and then Patch ! RESTART

    Now Add AMD Shader cache for all Games in Crimson/Games Panel
    Not Global, but for every game you play:
    AMD Shader cache = ON (for some Games better leave on Default)
    Tesselation Override = 8 or 16 (Crysis3 have Even Tesselated Frogs and it uses Tess=8)
    Also make sure to put AA option you'll need from Reshade 1.1 or RP SMAA.

    Next if you're using 3rd party Fan Profiles, please make sure that everything is set properly.
    (in Moded TriXX i Have Automatic Fan and in Crimson is also Auto)
    Monitor Temps for short period when Gaming/Benching, And you'll be just fine.

    Done, And Be Happy

    Polaris Tools

    WattTool: A simple tool that combines WattMan with VRM monitoring/tweaking for RX 400 series The WattTool



    Also for Radeon Users and old nv 6xx/7xx and in the future 9xx ;-)
    I strongly recomend to use Tesselation in CAT CC:
    Tesselation Mode Override:
    AMD Optimised in: AMD Game Evolved Games
    x16/x32 in Other DX11 Games
    x8/x16 in Green Games
    Don't worry no Quality will be Harmed but Performance Gain is Hudge !
    For nV users use 3rd party Tweaker ! Or Tweak Registry ( 100% FPS gain)

    Games won't Start -> My Solution

    Right click on Games/Steam/Users etc. Folder and Security (also is good to check all Games Folders)
    Advanced and change ownership - write Administrators (wait and close all)
    Then after that (in Security Tab) click in EDIT and edit Admin and User Permissions to Full Controll !
    Also is good to Have in all of thet folders the Users Profile with Full Control.

    Now games will Save Game and run NP !
    Work in Se7eN, 8ight and Win_X !

    The shortcut commands, in the end of game path in Box
    -dx12mt (forces Win 12 feature level - depends on Game eg. 9,10,11 only Win_X but i'm not sure about it )
    -dx11mt (forces Win 8/10 using DX11.1 Multi Thread, working in every game with Win_X DX12 API)
    -dx9mt (usefull for Skyrim with Mods)
    -dx10mt (Usefull in DX10_x games)
    -pthreads 6 (more cores? give it a shine)
    -pthreads 12 (its mine, if you have 4 give -pthreads 4 etc.)

    Sometimes needs to be after Quoted game path -> "game path" -dx11mt -pthreads 12
    Example from my GoG AoW3
    "D:\DX9\Age of Wonders III\AoW3Launcher.exe" -dx9mt -pthreads 6

    Also works in Steam, Origin etc.
    Some other tweaks:
    "-cpuCount=6 -high -noSplash -maxMem=5120 -maxvram=3090 -exthreads=6"

    2. Tech Demos, YT etc.

    Unreal Engine 4 – Infiltrator Tech Demo Now Available for Free !!!!

    Here Standalone DX11 ver. of the Infiltrator Tech Demo ! ->

    Infiltrator Tech Demo Standalone

    Get EPIC Unreal Engine 4 and run it in Editor >16GB RAM needed

    and go to Learn Tab in it, download and run it !!

    Also you can make shortcut for Infiltrator.exe and add in box

    -D3D11mt -cpuCount=6 -pthreads 6 -novsync (better experience cuz Demo is NOT DX12 !!)
    or if you like spikes ;-)
    -D3D12 -cpuCount=6 -pthreads 6 -novsync
    Polaris RX 480 BIOS Editor
    Still in Developer stage ! -> Polaris Bios Editor

    ATI/AMD Flash Tool for Radeon Polaris GPUs
    Unreal Engine 4 [4.9.1] The Unreal Deal Vineyard !

    The Unreal Deal Vineyard
    Unreal Engine 4.9 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Dark Young Link DX12 Tech Demo Download ! (Yes this one is made for DX12 :D

    MEGA Download - ZELDA true DX12 Tech Demo


    Also, constantly updated YT Channel ->

    Games, Gameplays, Trailers, News, Engines, New Tech and more

    Graphics FX, Games Engines and more

    NEW Games DX9 DX11 DX12 OGL Vulcan etc.

    Also on My BLOG there's lot's of interesting Sketches, Graphics, Game Screens from RP+ Sweet ;-) and More :

    My BLOG in Tha' teNET

    Sony Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference live report

    Here ->

    E3 Full Conferences and highlights and more

    Here ->

    3. Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO

    Here is Topic for other Radeon users to Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO software

    Pro TIP for Windows_X x64 Users:

    Please go into RadeonPRO main Folder and make sure that every .EXE file in it has: Run as Administrator

    And don't worry about RP warning at Start, just click Yes !
    Always run Games from RadeonPRO Launch option !



    MODS for RP 1.1 or 1.1 beta SweetFX 1.51 with Main.H code Tweak for RP

    Files You'll need are in FOLDER/Zz Gamers Soft You NEED

    Other MODS (with working links uff :flip2: ) --> My BLOG
    You got here: MEGA, MediaFire and ONE drive

    NEW !!
    Reshade 1.1 with SweetFX 2.0b + Shaders by Ioxa (High-Pass Sharpening & High-Pass Contrast Enhancement)
    Download Here -> ReShade 1.1.0 with SweetFX 2.0b
    UPD. May 1 .15
    For leazy One's

    SweetFX settings 1.5.1 ->!NQsU1JqK!HkR9LBLqLWRwhO7ROQMs5g

    SweetFX 2.0 reShade settings ->!0IFjjSTS!3f9W2AyhnMOImeBPszFL5w

    4. RADEON Tweaking Section:


    The Registry Tweaking Guide for Radeon GPU's !

    Open Regedit (click Run and enter: regedit ) Find Driver section:


    Interesting Features/Options Highlight:

    Shortcut NA means not avaible/selectable so the NA=0 means is Avaible !
    and dword:00000000 ( last digit 0 is OFF and 1 is ON dword:00000001)
    Please reboot/restart driver after Tweaking !
    "GI_NA"="0" (ability to turn OFF Geometry Instancing, Avaible in Task CAT Icon only! )

    "AreaAniso_NA"="0" (turns On better Aniso Filtering, also more demanding and looks better, Avaible in Task CAT Icon only!)

    "AAF_NA"="0" (turns ON more AA Options, Avaible in Task CAT Icon only!)

    AntiAlias_NA (gives Options in Tray/CAT for more AA options)

    "EQAA_NA"="0" (Enchanced Quality Mode for AA, More demanding, avaible in CAT AA dropdown )

    "TemporalAAMultiplier_NA"="0" (Yet another usefull AA menagment, you can go to 32xAA ! )

    "MLF_NA"="0" (ON/OFF Morphological AA in CAT)

    "Gamma_NA"="0" (Set Gamma in Movies/Games ?)

    "SurfaceFormatReplacements_NA"="0" (in CAT you can turn ON/OFF the Texture compresion Format for the Favour of Radeon GPU's, I have ON, something wrong with Textures try OFF ;-) )

    TFQ_NA (texture Filtering Quality -> gives Option in Tray for Aniso Quality if OFF/0)

    "TextureLod_NA"="0" (Turns ON ability to Crank Up textures renderig Quality to VeryHigh, default in Drivers ON)

    "CameraShakeMotionDetect_NA"="1" (CAT Video Section related)

    "EnableUlps"=dword:00000001 (It means GPU will save Power 300/150 for Desktop or Web crusing ;-) )

    "KMD_EnableLPT"=dword:00000000 (Kernel mode setting, see Wiki, I think its for Older GPU's Reg entrie, For GCN it's Obsolete)

    "3D_Refresh_Rate_Override_DEF"=dword:00000000 (Refresh overide ON/OFF so 00 is OFF and 01 is ON, change only last digit ! )

    "Force_TV_Detection_DEF"=dword:00000000 (no need for Guide here ;-) )

    "ACE"=hex:31,00 (ACE is ON if you wanna OFF change to 30,00)

    "KMD_FRTEnabled"=dword:00000001 (Frame Rate limiTer FRT Enabled )

    "KMD_MaxFrameRateRequested"=dword:0000003d (here is my 61FPS, you can set whatever you'll need 30,120,144 etc. Remember it's HEX value!)

    "VgaCompatible"=dword:00000000 (OLD Games don't work? turn that baby ON, along with: Legacy Components/DirectPlay in Windows Features )

    "Adaptive De-interlacing"=dword:00000001 (is ON Feasibility of real-time applications is given as well as the coding efficiency tested by the Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) Great and New Technique for De-interlacing Videos)

    "VPE Adaptive De-interlacing"=dword:00000001 (is ON Analog filter adaptation using a dithered linear search algorithm, another Great and New Technique for De-interlacing Videos)

    StaticGamma_NA (Static Gamma for Movies)

    "ASTT_NA"="1" (Adaptive Sampled Transparent Textures, AA on textures with transparency which did not have proper 8bit alpha)

    "DALNonStandardModesBCD1" and "DALNonStandardModesBCD2" (basicly you can enter here your desired Resolution with Refresh rate, it is Default for Games etc. - my example: 17,92,13,44,00,00,00,90 it means: 1972:1344 in 90Hz)

    "EnableLBPWSupport"=dword:00000000 (?)

    "PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold"=dword:00030000 (GPU to Monitor Delay Times in ms, We don't know too much about it but feel free to experiment, Try 15000/7500/5000/3000/2000 or for 1ms LCD 1000)
    "StutterMode"=dword:00000002 (This is Stutter Mode Switch, avaible Options are: 0,1,2 - 0 means OFF)

    "KD_TilingMode"=dword:00000000 (I think is Old School Tiling Texture Mode, default is OFF for GCN )

    "AdapterDesc"="AMD Radeon R9 200 Series"

    "ColourDesktopGamma_DEF"="1.0 1.0 1.0" (this is for Desktop + Movies Playback Calibrations)
    "ColourDesktopBrightness_DEF"="0 0 0"
    "ColourDesktopContrast_DEF"="1.0 1.0 1.0"

    "ColourFullscreenGamma_DEF"="1.0 1.0 1.0" (this one is for Fullscreen Colour etc. Calibrations e.g. For My CRT i have 1.2 Gamma)
    "ColourFullscreenBrightness_DEF"="0 0 0"
    "ColourFullscreenContrast_DEF"="1.0 1.0 1.0"

    "Display_Detection_DEF"=dword:00000000 (Monitor Detection Switch 1/0 ON/OFF )
    "EdidPersistenceIsOn"=hex:00 (EDID Monitor Persistence Override)

    "Panning_Mode_DEF"=dword:00000000 (Panning mode on Monitor switch 1/0 ON/OFF )

    ! Great Tweak -> in Radeon Reg. Tweak now avaible:

    "DisableDMACopy"=dword:00000001 ( is not Direct Memory Access! IMO, is a GPU to VRAM related Tweak - It's Safe Approach to give 0 keep it enable. You have to test it in 1 and see what's best for You, some people including me have FPS Gain in Desabled State - Crysis3, BF4, HoM&M VII)

    "DisableBlockWrite"=dword:00000000 ( Result in faster writing of graphics information to the VRAM, You can Enable it in GCN 1 or 0 )

    Another Great Tweak for Dx9 Games FPS Boost (you'll have to put this in TXT.REG and merge, I've e-mail this to our coder so it will be in RadeonMOD):


    And Now another section the UMD ->


    "GI_DEF"="1" (DEF means Definition and is basicly for ON=1 or OFF=0 and sometimes you can set there 2,3,4 )

    "Main3D"=hex:33,00 (Main3D - Filp Queue Size. Render Frames ahead, default option is 3 Frames Ahead, always set like this: 30,00 - 35,00 etc and see Next)

    "Main3D_DEF"="3" (Must be set like above. Avaible switches: 0,1,2,3,4,5)

    "AreaAniso_DEF"="0" ( Follow above rule eg. 0 = App. controled, 2,4,8,16 Forced Mode)

    "AnisoType"=hex:30,00 (it means is App. controled, we can lower it for FPS boost but we will have lower Image Quality: 32,00-31,36 )

    "AnisoDegree"=hex:30,00 (it means is App. controlled, 30,00=App controlled 32,00=2x 34,00 =4x 38,00=8x 31,36=16x for MAX Image Quality)

    "AnisoDegree_DEF"="0" (AF: 1=2x, 2=4x, 3=8x, 4=16x / 0=App controlled )

    "TextureOpt"=hex:30,00 (give 31,00 No Visible Quality loss but increase in FPS and further Texture drawing/See down)

    "TextureOpt_DEF"="0" (is Texture Optimisation Tweak, 1 for ON)

    "TextureLod"=hex:30,00 (Texture Level of Detail switch 31,00 means ON, 30,00 Default REG State)

    "TextureLod_DEF"="-1" (Texture Level of Detail switch, You can give sharp to blurry, for More sharp give: -1 for blurry: 1)

    "TruformMode_DEF"="0" (OLD trueform is OFF the Teselation predecessor, You can turn it ON for eg. in NWN2 and games that support it, more in Wikipedia Truform Section)

    "VSyncControl_DEF"="1" (You can change here for 2,3,4 | 3 is for Dynamic and 4 is for Lock to monitor, You have to try and see)

    "AAF_Mapping_SET"="0(Standard:2,Edge-detect:12) 2(Standard:2) 4(Standard:4,Edge-detect:12) 8(Standard:8,Edge-detect:24) 16(Standard:16)"


    "ATMS"=hex:2d,00,33,00 (The Adaptive AA filter setting. Default value is 31,00 (Smooth +1). All values: Smooth 30 00, +1 Smooth 31 00, +2 Smooth 32 00, +3 Smooth (Sharp) 33 00.)

    "ATMS_DEF"="3" (same as above but numeric values)


    "EQAAMapping_SET"="0(0:0,1:0) 2(0:2,1:2) 4(0:4,1:4) 8(0:8,1:8,2:16)"

    "TemporalAAMultiplier_DEF"="0" (0,1,2,3 is Mode xAA means 3 is x8 Temporal so it's 32AA)

    "ExportCompressedTex_DEF"="1" (Texture compresion Format for the Favour of Radeon GPU's)

    "PixelCenter"=hex:30,00 ( Pixel Center On/OFF switch)

    "PixelCenter_DEF"="0" (old ATI Tray Tweak - alternate Pixel center Tweak )

    "EnableTripleBuffering_DEF"="0" (1 or 0 )

    "DitherAlpha_NA"=hex:31,00 (here is HEX 31,00 means ON/1 and 30,00 means OFF/0 )

    "ZFormats_NA"=hex:31,00 (here is HEX 31,00 means ON/1 and 30,00 means OFF/0, Z Stencil Format 16/24/32 Bits )

    "ForceZBufferDepth_DEF"="0" (old ATI Tray Tweak, 0 default means 32Bit, 1=16Bit and 2=24Bit)

    "TemporalAAMultiplier_NA"=hex:30,00 (here is HEX 31,00 means ON/1 and 30,00 means OFF/0 )

    "CatalystAI"=hex:31,00 (Radeon AI Texture Filtering switch)

    "CatalystAI_DEF"="1" (1 means AI is ON for OFF put 0 and in above option put hex:30,00 it's a Good Tweak for Benchmarking )

    "Tessellation_OPTION"=hex:30,00 (Give your Value for Tesselation Override, usefull for FPS Gains with no Hudge Quality Impact = 32/24/16/8 Best for Q is 32)

    "GI"=hex:31,00 (Geometry Instancing is ON)

    "EnableCrossfireForNonProfileApps_DEF"="0" (Try enabling This for better CF)

    "EnableCrossfireForNonProfileApps"="0" (this and upper must be set to 1)

    Pro TIP:
    You can easily Export the 0000 and UMD section to file and Edit Preffered Options so next Time when driver change you can just Import Desired Tweaks into registry !
    Ofcourse you'll have to Cut all besides desired Options,
    Open it in Notepad/Notepad++ and Edit ;-)


    "DXVA_WMV"=hex:30,00 (Radeon Video H/W Acceleration ON/OFF)


    3to2Pulldown_NA (


    "InternetVideo"=hex:31,00,00,00 (ON for YouTube etc. H/W decoding)

    AutoColorDepthReduction_NA (Depth reduction to 24bit enabled, Movies Only)

    TheaterMode_NA (turns ON Theater Mode in CAT for dual monitor and more users)

    Panning_Mode_DEF (Panning mode for resolution limited displays, use in HDTV)


    Some Tweaks if you have CRT Monitor, you can disable in Registry some values (5-12FPS gain here) ->

    PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold = 1000 (4096) or even less
    StutterMode = 0

    I have:
    PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold = 0
    StutterMode = 0
    How to fix clock throttling in Reg. Radeon Software for ATI GPU's !

    Search for TFQ_NA in Regedit.
    This will take you to a folder:
    Inside the 0000 folder, you'll see lots of registry keys like "RadeonSoftwareEdition." If you do, you're in the right place!

    Add a new DWORD 32-bit key in the 0000 folder and name it:

    Set the value data to decimal 20.

    //EDIT: You can also add these DWORD 32-bit keys, as they may also help resolve the issue. This will emulate Catalyst 15.11 behavior.

    PP_ActivityTarget (value data 30 decimal)
    PP_AllGraphicLevel_UpHyst (value data 0 decimal)
    PP_AllGraphicLevel_DownHyst (value data 100 decimal) Note that this replaces step 2+3 above

    PP stands for PowerPlay
    DownHyst stands for Downclock Hysteresis

    (note from me: another Hysteries is in BIOS eg. Temp Hysteresis, applied to GPU Fans ;-))

    CrossFire in Every Game !

    Download RadeonPro and create a that Game profile.
    Force the crossfire profile 'AFR Friendly D3D' and set the MVPUMode to 'Alternate Frame Rendering'.
    then Force in RP desired FPS eg. 60/120/144 etc.
    And its Done

    THEN FIRST PAGE -> General Tab
    LAST HEADER AT THE BOTTOM -> AMD compatibility properties
    Unofficial overclocking mode -> DROP-DOWN BOX -> without PowerPlay support

    It makes difference for Fury X (and x2)

    Please you try and see games FPS for results (appearance of smoothness)

    Kudos goes to Flano

    5. Usefull Utilities

    Can Just somebody Program some Tweak Utility with that Options like in RP or ATI Tray?
    Just Hook it into Registry !
    UPD! OK We have the Coder Now -> theoneofgod

    And here you have some insight into Tweaks i Have (as I said before, some are in Tray and some in CAT main Window)


    Also great Free Monitor Utility CRU
    Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) allows custom resolutions to be defined for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA GPUs by creating EDID overrides directly in the registry without dealing with .inf files.


    Also Power User -> theoneofgod started making the Radeon Registry Utility !
    First AMD_Registry_Editor_v0.0.1 and Now
    We Have ver. 1.0.11 !

    Be sure to backup your registry first by going to File and then Backup Registry.

    Black options exist already and can be edited.
    Red don't exist, but will be added when edited.


    AMD_Registry_Editor Thread in Guru3D

    Grab it here - Main Guru3D Download Section

    "Right click individual key names to set new value, set default value. I've added help there too using bits of information gathered by OnnA."

    The New Radeon Tweak is Up ! Now ver. 1.0.11
    Coder: theoneofgod
    Main Support, GPU + Tweaking Knowledge: OnnA Ne01_LoccOtHaN

    AMD_RadeonMod 1.0.11

    Please share you're opinions about it.


    Here interesting Tweak i make with Legacy MOD FLEM (Ver 2.0) ->

    Download here !


    We can Disable DMAcopy 1 (experiment with that Tweak)
    EnableBlockWrite = 1 (Result in faster writing of graphics information to the VRAM, from my observation ex. in UE3,4 is faster in Textures Drawing on Screen ! no more poping up delayed Textures, so turn it ON )

    The Tweaks are working OK and there's a small boost in Low side FPS ! Tweak IT and Test it

    All Tweaks now Avaible in AMD_Registry_Editor_0.0.6 !

    And in Shadow Of Mordor Ultra/High with Ultra Textures i have:

    -> Now 54FPS average and 40FPS Low
    -> before 52FPS average and 29FPS Low

    So we have first Great Tweak for GCN using FLEM -> THX goes to Creators !


    6. Optimal online gaming experience Tweaks

    If you want the optimal online gaming experience, go to Advanced tab of your Ethernet adapter settings, and disable the following:

    * Interrupt Moderation - clumps packets together and sends them as a batch - the main offender
    * Flow Control - sounds counterintuitive to disable it, but it messes with existing flow control in Windows networking stack
    * Receive Side Scaling - also messes with Windows networking stack
    * [anything goes here] Checksum Offload - supposed to speed up performance by offloading TCP/UDP checksumming to hardware; in reality does nothing for an average desktop PC except interfere with Windows networking stack
    * Green Ethernet - performance-eating eco garbage

    Try it and see -> more headshots in your favorite FPS, responsive gaming, less disconected issues etc etc.

    Also, if you play a MMORPG and want faster responsiveness, you need to disable TCP/IP Nagle algorithm in Windows. There are multiple guides about it though.

    GodMode in Win_X let you customize every aspect of you'r Window's.
    Generally it's for Power Users or People with solid background knowledge of that OS.

    Create a new folder on your desktop: right-click on Windows 10 desktop and on the context menu, click on New > Folder.
    Name this newly created folder:

    Enter that folder and..... everything you need is here :)
    7. WinX & Win8 Tweaks.

    Windows 10: How to Protect Your Privacy and thanks to that Tweaks -> Free ~150-300MB in RAM and Net Speed/Ping
    We Are Gamers we need every posible resources we can get ;-)

    Stop Bone Collector ;-) (telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 10 )
    Command Prompt/Power Shell as Admin

    sc config DiagTrack start= disabled
    sc config dmwappushservice start= disabledsc
    stop DiagTracksc
    stop dmwappushservice

    run Gpedit.msc
    >Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Data Collection and preview builds>allow telemetry

    Set to Enabled/Disabled
    1. Enabled (togle user control....)
    2. Disabled
    3. Default (as it is)

    Atomated Scripts (THX goes to Sergey Tkachenko and Wade )

    Also we can remove all Apps bundled with Win_X and leave Store and Calculator working (you can edit script in notepad ;-)
    Here ->!tV8nAayD!FTDAMIlgQZKxtu6WPWTN_ZQQszKiypVABFKcQYj2mNE

    Run As Admin or Paste to Comm.Prompt as admin

    Automated script to Permanently STOP Telemetry and Data Collection + Some related Net Tweaks also
    Here ->!EcFDyAAb!RFkt1_V0kQeVlSljV1DXj7htdTbrd3Sh4rqjSpfTxbM

    Also after Sign-in into M.S Account and Win_X Activation Process you can Log-in into Local Account.

    Important -> Make Sys BackUp (You can Revert to previous state ;-)

    Update 1

    Now i can clearly show you better option (less invasive and Win_X works as usual with some boost ;-)

    run Gpedit.msc
    >Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Data Collection and preview builds>allow telemetry
    and here change only second option (give disabled)


    Here create Key
    and give Dword32 Value:
    AllowTelemetry and write 0 (means Disabled)

    Clear the log located in “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogsAutoLogger”

    Remove both Tele. services:

    Disable: Set the “Start” registry key for both services to 4 (Disabled) [3 is Manual, 1 & 2 Auto]
    Located at “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services”
    1. diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service
    2. DiagTrack

    And of course You can just Export particular Reg Key ;-) If you don't need Tweak, just Import that Reg

    PS. Also in that Logs (we can Open it using HexEditor ;-) I've noticed that MS don't collect any of Private Info about User !!!
    All in there (You can check by yourself) is related to Windows and Drivers etc. eg. SB-Z, Razer and so on...
    So i think it's little misunderstanding So called Data Private Collection (security concerns etc.)
    But in BF4 multi I got 6-8 PING Gain !!! -> Yeah

    Now Windows Update should work as intended
    And we have freed some resources and Ping
    Also in Settings/Updates/Advanced Options Change how Upd. are delivered to Only My PC (not in Network, that option will seed updates to others as well -> You can Keep it or Disable it)

    Win_X Block/Unblock Updates -> Total control of Update Delivery (if you don't need some of'em, just Turn it OFF )

    Here link for MpS Hide/Show Updates:!cBlgwLQT!GI5jed3Iyp0na5RgVHO64FBKIEAybN2SbWe1pwYDi1I

    Another usefull Tweak to turn OFF Net Usage associated with Win Telemetry
    Please add following to the HOSTS ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc )
    After That you will Have much Better PING and Net Responsivness. (After the Tweak i have +6-10 Ping in BF4 Multi )

    Head here and download this Tweak -> SDCutTheLine

    And Turn ON/OFF HPET:
    bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
    bcdedit /set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced
    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock
    bcdedit /deletevalue tscsyncpolicy
    bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick

    To view bcdedit settings:
    bcdedit /enum

    Memory Management Tweaks that really do something usefull

    Here is my registry (you can copt text into notepad, name it and give ext. .REG and Merge into registry (safe when you have 16GB RAM if not then calculate from Real RAM ammount you have in PC)

    Your RAM MB* 1024 * 0.125 *2 = ??

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
    "IoPageLockLimit"=dword:0040e100 (Here HEX.Dword Value for: 8GB= 100000, 16GB= 7cf83000 but always write Dicimal and then change in HEX in REG it will convert Automatically)

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]
    8. CPU Tweaks AMD/Intel

    I will update More Tweaks for Win 8.1, SB-z, SB-Xfi x8 FX etc..
    Especially for Phenom II and FX users to fine utilise Power of those

    Also for x6 x8 etc. CPU users You'll need to unpark CPU Cores to Boost Performance in x2 x4 Games/Apps
    Cuz' Still some Modern Games don't utilise more than 4 cores ! So you'll have to UnPark Them and Gain some Performance !

    -> Read and Download Here ->


    And now as for CPU's from AMD (the FX one with SSE new instruction set)

    Using this simple and intuitive application, you can easily patch files that were compiled with the Intel Compiler for better performance

    Intel Compiler Patcher is a comprehensive piece of software developed to offer you the means of tweaking certain EXE, DLL, ACM, AX, CPL and OCX by default files that were compiled using Intel C++ Compiler from your computer and optimize them for your processor by deactivating their CPU Dispatcher, thus increasing their general performance when run on other types of CPUs.

    Scan your folders and choose the files you want to patch


    PhenomII and FX series CPU's will have a little OC touch to Gain some Hidden Performance:
    ALways set FSB to min 232-250 (look on the RAM and tweak it too) or if you have Great Mobo give it a try and set >260FSB to 300 !!
    It will unlock CPU some GT/s (gigatransfers per second) also the wider the better !

    TIP for Beginers:
    Try to set Auto OC in you'r Mobo BIOS and see the values + MeM Timings for proper Manual Tweak.
    It will Give You the Idea of what you'r RIG is capable of.

    Next TIP:

    Phenom II series ->
    NB always 2.7-2.8GHz no less ! (important for Memory bandwidth, don't exceed 3.0 GHz )
    HT always 2.3GHz to 2.6GHz (important for GPU's + CPU to RAM operations)

    PhenomII x6 -> OC to MAX 4.2GHz (no need for More)
    Sweet spot is 3.8GHz-4.1Ghz
    PhenomII x4 -> OC to MAX 4.5GHz (no need for More)
    Sweet spot is 4.1Ghz-4.3GHz

    My PhenomII x6 1100t BE on Sabertooth 990FX for Gaming
    ASUS TurboEVO (All you have to do in Windows, BIOS is set 248FSB 3.6GHz)
    FX series ->
    NB always 2.6GHz-2.7GHz but no more ! (important for Memory bandwidth )
    HT always min. 2.6GHz-2.8GHz (important for GPU's)

    FX x6 OC to MAX 4.5GHz (no need for More)
    Sweet spot is 4.2GHz
    FX x8 OC to MAX 5GHz (no need for More)
    Sweet spot is 4.2GHz-4.5GHz

    Also remember to rise a little V on NB,HT etc. in BIOS
    Warning AMD ! You'll need Good CPU Cooler (not BOX!)

    Also in BIOS Turn OFF HPET or in Win 7/8.1
    1. Go to Device manager and expand the "System Devices" section.
    2. Look for High Precision Event Timer. Right click on it and click disable.
    It will give you some more Procesing Power to Games (more FPS)/Apps (faster)

    It's the same Gain for AMD or Intel CPU's !
    Now Intel CPU's:

    Always give some OC to it
    SB i5/i7 give 4.2-4.8GHz
    IB/Haswell give MAX 4.4GHz
    Extreme i7 x6 give MAX 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz (no need for more)
    Extreme i7 x8 give MAX 4.0GHz-4.2GHz (no need for more)

    Warning Intel ! You'll need Good CPU Cooler (not BOX!)
    Also rise a little CPU Vcore for Stability !
    Tweak some PLL also
    Temps should be around 68-75 deg.cels. MAX (its safe here)

    Of course the MAX is the MAX !
    9. Games Deals, Keyshops Codes etc.

    G2A MarketPlace

    Codes for 5% discount: ALLKEYSHOP , FRAGS
    and for 3%: LOWCY , IAM-BACK

    Try the Big Sells like PayPal etc. these more reliable and keys are 100% valid.

    Great Game Deals ->
    Play More Pay Less The KinGuin Net:

    KinGuin Net

    Promo code: LOWCYGIER or imback or 5% less with code: sup5%ADgr90876
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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    Games Performance Tips & Tweaks

    Easy dual analog JoyPad emulation for Games that require Xbox360 controller

    All files extract to Folder JoyPad EMU (will be easy to find, and make shortcut for easy access)

    1) Download and extract the files in Xoutput. XOutput/releases

    2) You don't need to install the Xbox Controller driver if you are using Windows 10.

    3) You run the ScpDriver.exe file and press "Install" when asked. ScpDriver for DS3

    4) Run XOutput.exe, configure your controllers. When you're ready, press "Start".

    I will update soon with screens.

    Default X360 Joy on my DualShock 2 (PS2 Joypad)


    And here is my settings for Forza APEX (in Game set profile with left analog steering & right analog acceleration/brake)


    Made by our user Fox2232 the BIOS Mods for Radeon GPUs -> The Fiji MOD with enchanced HBM capablility!

    And if anyone with Fury X want my OC vBIOS. I can provide it.

    Fiji Fury-X MOD BIOS download
    I made it month ago. So, it is fully tested. (based on newest official vBIOS from AMD)

    Made few sensible changes:
    HBM OC limit 600MHz (+20% from 500MHz base)
    HBM Voltage: Unchanged as even +50mV did not improve OC by 5MHz (people who made it to 600MHz+ usually did Hard Mod to capacitors)
    GPU OC limit 1260MHz (+20% from 1050MHz base; 2000MHz limit looked too stupid to me on Fiji, maybe Vega)
    GPU Voltage: +18.75mV as higher may lead to Power Limit Throttling
    Power Limit: Bumped by 20% internally t support OC without decreasing performance as clock goes UP.

    Could not find OverDrive +50% Power limit to decrease it to +25%, So for safety, do not put Software controlled limit over 25%.
    (But from my testing, card refuses to draw more than 350W anyway, so VRMs which can do 450W+ are safe.)

    So, it is not big modification, just little one making sense.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I made dozens of custom voltage bioses for Fury X. This one above is optimal for me. Maybe someone will get higher GPU OC with higher voltage.

    HBM observation:
    Higher Voltage does not improve OC without HW Modification of card. Lower voltage does decrease OC potential. But even -50mV (1250mV instead of stock 1300mV will get HBM to stock 500MHz).
    There is no reason to undervolt HBM for power efficiency as it eats less 18W at stock. And less than 25W even with bumped voltage and maximum stable OC.

    GPU OC observation:
    Card does not want to go much over 300W even with vBIOS modification for all power stages. So, voltage bump over +50mV is usually not good idea.

    Where did it land my Fury X? Nothing extra: 1135/570MHz (No throttling.)
    Passed all tests. I like GPUPI test as well, since single wrong calculation or memory R/W and it will tell you.

    Active adapters for Old Monitors (ability to plug new GPU into Old Monitor)

    You need to search for Most Advanced One tho !
    its around 19-29€

    Like this:
    - Internal cable wires made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper technology
    - Ultra Pro OFC 99.999%, with addition of precious metal alloys
    - Digital transmission - 0% quality loss
    - Overvoltage protection
    - Class "A"
    - 100% 3x shielded cables
    - EDID functionality

    - It supports the highest speed in technology FULL HD, can support resolutions higher than Full HD (1080p)
    - Supports increased color depth: Deep Color 48bit, xvYCC and xvColor
    - Supports technology ARC and ACE the ability to transmit sound without additional cables.

    - Robust and flexible external insulation
    - Has the quality certificate ISO 9001: 2000
    - Conductor cable with a cross-section of more than 24AWG!
    - Perfect support 3D signal
    - ISO 9001:2000 CE and RoHS.
    - Supports high refresh rates (up to 800MHz)
    - Transfer the image to 48bit (greatly expanded the number of colors in comparison to the RGB)

    Full support technologies:
    Blu-ray / HD DVD, TrueHD, DTS-HD, DVD-A, SACD (DSD)

    The cable supports the latest standards for audio streaming and audio formats:
    Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio ™

    And for Perfect Image you'll need also Hi Quality Monitor Cable (mine has the thickness of a little finger !)
    It's mainly for design and layout for print and digital content publishing.

    CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) Tips, Tricks and Monitors OC (LCD/LED/CRT)

    CRU is made by ToastyX -> Here you have CRU Main Forum (also you get all support there)

    1. OC your Monitor

    Run CRU as Admin !
    Here is New CRU Beta -> CRU-1.2.99-p2

    Then Set your desired Resolutions + Refresh rates
    Here is my Settings for CRT Diamond PRO 2070SB

    TIP -> If something goes wrong go into Windows Safe Mode and Hit Reset-ALL in CRU directory !
    TIP -> Its always good to have some Vendor Specs for your Monitor (google it) to know what H/V Refresh rates it supporting.

    TIP for 1080p LED/LCD users, you can set Refresh Rate 75Hz and/or Custom Resolution:
    2200x1125 total, 148.50 MHz pixel clock / 148.5 MHz 2200 x 1125 @ 60.00Hz

    Here you Have -> Pixelclock calculator

    Also is good to see what resolutions or refresh rates work for your Monitor by setting Custom Resolution in CCC !

    2. Enable Freesync for your Monitor
    (GPU will have to support it, but you can try to Enable it even if it's not, maby it will work)
    In CRU Edit Extensions Blocks and Add Freesync Range.

    Here the AMD freesync Demo to test your settings -> AMD_FreeSync_Demo_0_9_1_setup

    Pro TIP for Freesync Monitors Users -> Here you CAN adjust Freesync Ranges easily e.g. from 45-75 to 33-75

    Like always look into Monitor Specs and H/V (Horizontal/Vertical) Reresh ranges and set this in here:

    for any of this Tweaks you need to have ATI .dlls Patched by
    -> AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher

    Also you can Play with some HDMI settings (if you have HDMI Plug-in LED)
    TIP -> Don't set Bit Depth beyound Monitor Spec cuz' you'll have Black Screen Log-in (Run in Safe Mode and Hit Reset-ALL in CRU)

    TIP for CRT Users -> Freesync Working as intended but only in 56-120 Range Mode ! (you can test also in 50-120 range but Freesync is based on VESA Monitor standard so in my CRT lowest Refresh is 56Hz, thats why it is working only in 56-120 (and more) range ! UPD. Demo runs OK in 56-120 but FC4 not, so only good setting for my CRT is 60-120 !

    Also is good to read you Monitor PDF Manual, this is point of interest:
    Horizontal scan range
    30 kHz to 83 kHz (automatic) Try from 33-35 (and go Up in 5Hz steps, always restart after change + Run CRU as Admin)
    Vertical scan range
    50 Hz to 76 Hz (automatic) Give Max 75
    (When you OC you refresh rates for Monitor you Pick lower number from H or V Highest in this e.g. it will be Safe 75Hz becouse Vertical Highest is 76Hz)
    Optimal preset resolution
    1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
    Highest preset resolution
    1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
    Next is good to have GPU to monitor connected by Display Port (it has Higher Bandwidth, this is Important factor for FS)
    Next if you have HDMI, try to OC your TDMS clock to 660MHz in CRU-> HDMI)

    Some setups needs to be Pluged by Display Port.
    Last TIP -> Always restart you computer to reflect changes !
    Games Performance and Hi-Quality Tips & Tweaks

    Table of Contents:

    1. Assassins Creed Unity
    2. Grand Theft Auto V
    3. pCARS for Radeon/nU Guide
    4. Alien: Isolation Insane Quality! MOD
    5. Might & Magic: Heroes VII
    6. Fallout 4
    7. Wolfenstein The New Order/Wolfenstein The Old Blood and New DOOM
    8. FrostBite Engine Games: BF:4, BF:H, SW:BF, NFS etc.
    9. The Witcher 3
    10. Batman AK


    Some usefull Windows 10 Tweaks before we Tweak
    Command line for game (in Shortcut box or in Steam -> right click on the game and go to the properties, in the window that opens go to launch options)

    Best Launch Options for every Game:

    -useall.availablecores -malloc=system -force-feature-level–11–1 -force-driver-type-warp -force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded -sm6 -dx11mt -maxMem=10000 -exthreads=16

    Commands explanations:

    -sm4 _> Uses shader model 4 (DX10 or 4.1 is 10.1 instead of SM5 in DX11.0 ekhm our 11.1 is SM5.1 & DX12.0 is 6.0)
    -useall.availablecores _> Forces windows to use all available cores. (no dot in the middle)
    -malloc=system _> forces game to use Windows10 allocator (this one is the best for AMD CPUs users).
    -force-feature-level-11.1 _>
    -high -> is obsolete now _> To Set high priority you need Process Lasso (also not every game like this, im using above normal or none).
    -refresh 71 _> Monitor-Game refresh rate
    -maxMem=9000 _> Allocate up 9GB RAM, 12000 is 12GB etc.
    -maxvram=4200 _> Allocate up 4.2GB VRAM etc.
    -exThreads=16 _> Max avaible thread for Game or other Process.
    -noLogs _> no logs or clutter
    -force-driver-type-warp _> Force DirectX 11.0 WARP device (Best for Radeons GCN)
    -force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded _> Force DirectX 11.0 to be created without D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_SINGLETHREADED flag (Best for Radeons GCN).
    -force-gfx-direct _> Force single threaded rendering (Best for nV 9xx/1xxx)
    -force-feature-level–10–1 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 10.1
    -force-feature-level–11–0 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 11.0
    -force-feature-level–11–1 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 11.0


    [1] Assassins Creed Unity Performance Tips & Tweaks

    The AC:U Ini file:

    EnvironmentQuality=3 (3 is Very High)
    TextureQuality=3 (2 is Ultra)
    ShadowQuality=0 (its Low)
    Tessellation=1 (it's advanced Tesselation, work properly With HBAO+ Only)

    First for Radeon users -> Run RadeonPRO with Admin and AC:U also change to run as admin (for Stability, no crashes or bugs)
    Set for LCD dynamic framerate control to eg. 60Hz/120Hz/144Hz how much your LCD can. +2 so it will be 62/122/146 -> Untick Vsync in AC:U
    Next set your SweetFX etc.

    As for nV players do the same in nV CP -> set desired LCD refresh=FPS +2 and its done.

    Due to very hot summer, i have my XFX on 1050/1550 1.175v +8%POW now! (60-64 degrees celsius after 5-8h !)
    My settings when playing AC:U -> Res: 1792:1344 85Hz All Ultra High with HBAO+ but Shadows is Low (max recomended is Medium) and Details are on Very High (also recomended)
    Disable AA in Game and Use SMAA inject in RP (my SMAA is in the screenshot of RP below)
    Also for some FPS gain make it use x32 or x48 tesselation instead x64/x128

    Also some of the screens are taken when i'm playing with Options and AA SMAA in RP (0.8/16/6/12 or 0 ;-)
    Also for better performance one need to disable Geometry Instancing !
    in Registry -> {4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} the 0000 string
    GI_NA value name 0 (after that Tweak you'll see the GI in 3D settings but only in Task Bar ;-)
    and UMD string
    GI_DEF = 0 (default is 1 and you beter change that after AC:U ;-)

    All you do when CCC.exe and MOM.exe is disabled in Task Manager then Log Off :D

    In my current build i'm using AA in CAT screen below (updated)->

    The GI is hard coded in CATALYST so is always ON
    For The AA please use build in RP SMAA option:
    Best (low Impact)
    R280 and X (0.8/12/6/30, 12 or 0)
    R290 and Up (0.8/16/6/25, 12, 0)



    [2] Grand Theft Auto V Performance Tips & Tweaks

    In order to Play GTA5 with RP+ SweetFX You'll need to turn off in Radeon Settings / Compatibility List / Ignore DX9,10,10.1 And game run stable !
    Upd. Now im working on Reshade HD_MasterEffects with SweetFX in RadeonPRO
    Upd2. Not working, Game crashes after start, i think is too much for GTA ;-)
    Upd3. Working, Reshade with SweetFX 2.0 beta8 + RP but in RP disable SweetFX

    Here are the screenshots in RadeonPRO + My settings in RP for GTA5




    [3] pCARS for Radeon Guide: Performance Tips & Tweaks

    Please make sure to add command for shortcut in Stem
    Right Click on Game then Properties and Set Launch Options and add:
    -dx11mt -pthreads 6 (add how many cores you have eg. 4,6,8,12,16)
    Upd. -dx11mt -pthreads 6 -fpscap 65 -novr

    New updated Drivers and pC 3.0 changes everything. Now We can play with All MAX + Particles Low Average 55FPS -> looking nice IMO
    I have Ultra/High, Low Shadows,Low Particles, no AA in game 1792:1344 85Hz Game runs OK
    SMAA from Reshade.

    Download Reshade + SweetFX 2.0 beta 8 and point to game + change reshade DLL for dxgi.dll (64bit)

    UPD. After some Moding game runs better in x64 Mode now ! We can Play in Rain with 24 Opponents Now !

    For Lazy ones :3eyes: Here i give You my settings for Reshade 1.9.2 (new One):

    Just Unpack into pCars folder in Stem. (its 64bit reshade for 64bit pCars)

    UPD.2 -> I managed to optimise some files in p-CARS (make BackUp of those files before overwrite)
    I tested and its min. of +6-25 FPS on GCN GPU's
    UPD.3 -> Please Put Power limit on GPU to 10% or 20% (in CCC or OC soft)
    Also you can save some FPS by disabling the HUD in Game.

    If you have R290 or 290X you can easily turn ON Grass + Hi Smoke now.
    For R28x or R270X series GPU's Turn OFF Grass to save some FPS. (For Multi)

    I have to Turn OFF Grass to save some FPS cuz Low is 38FPS (i prefer 48 )
    Set Priority for pcars64.exe to Above Normal or High. Run x64 always.

    Remember is for Testing only :infinity: (and it work for other N games :3eyes: No More Insane FPS drops )

    Download ->!NMNBzICb!oO2h06yMzA2nPq42UIjEfROJ6DXqm13rfyf5waPLcKI

    Here screen:


    [4] Alien: Isolation - Performance Tips & Tweaks

    Here some new ALien:I Tweaks -> Game looks incredible, tweaked + RadeonPRO & SweetFX

    -> Tweaks and backup

    Stay Tuned for more


    [5] Might & Magic: Heroes VII -> Game & Editor RMG Optimistaions + Tweaks !

    In C:\Users\*YourName*\My Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\Config folder you'll find

    I'm playing Heroes since H1 (so i'm very Old Heroes Gamer and Big Fan)

    Some Performance/Quality Optimalisations:

    MMH7Engine.ini ->




    AudioDeviceClass=XAudio2.XAudio2Device (here you can try OpenAL -> AudioDeviceClass=ALAudio.ALAudioDevice )

    MaxChannels=32 (here give more)

    MaxChannels=32 (here give more)
    //DeviceName=Generic Software

    MMH7SystemSettings.ini ->

    MotionBlur=False (i don't like Blur)
    MaxShadowResolution=1120 (i suggest don't Tweak it, but feel free to try)
    MaxWholeSceneDominantShadowResolution=2048 (give more=Quality or Less=Performance.)

    There is in this section lot more (feel free to experiment)

    MMH7Game.ini ->

    You can Make Larger Maps + Larger Battle Maps in RMG just edit this settings:

    cMinimumCombatGridWidth=8 -> here
    cMinimumCombatGridHeight=6 -> here
    cMaximumCombatGridWidth=40 -> here
    cMaximumCombatGridHeight=30 -> here

    cMaximumAdventureGridWidth=500 -> here
    cMaximumAdventureGridHeight=500 -> here
    cMaximumTileGradient=45 -> don't edit this one !
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_SMALL, Width=75, Height=75)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_SMALL_BROAD, Width=100, Height=75)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_NORMAL, Width=100, Height=100)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_NORMAL_BROAD, Width=150, Height=100)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_BIG, Width=200, Height=200)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_BIG_BROAD, Width=300, Height=200)
    MapSizeDefinitions=(MapSize=E_H7_MS_HUGE, Width=500, Height=500) -> here

    Here you can hard code some Options:




    cUseTrueFogOfWar=false (?)

    mRetroFilter=False (he he)
    mAlwaysQuickCombat=True (that's good)



    [6] Fallout 4 PC Performance and Optimization Tweaks

    Still Under constuction

    C:\Users\YourName\My Documents\My Games\Fallout4

    In files: Fallout4Prefs.ini , Fallout4.ini

    in this section of both files, just add line:
    fMouseHeadingXScale= ( improve mouse aiming)
    fMouseHeadingYScale= ( 2x the X scale for proper behaviour)

    Fallout4.ini ->

    iShadowMapResolutionPrimary=2048 (Shadows res. more= better, MAX 8192)
    bNvGodraysEnable=1 (i have this set to ON)



    Fallout4Prefs.ini ->

    iSize W=1792 (set Your resolution, but after that don't go to Fallout4Launcher.exe)
    iSize H=1344
    iPresentInterval=0 (v-sync)
    bVolumetricLightingForceCasters=0 (if 1 is Better Lighting)


    Best to do is Experiment (I have RadeonPRO + SweetFX 1.5.1 working NP

    Invisible Lockpicking Bug: in Fallout4Prefs.ini

    iSize W=XXXX-1 (from your res subst. 1)
    iSize H=YYYY-1

    iSize W=1792 (this is mine)
    iSize H=1344
    change to
    iSize W=1791
    iSize H=1343

    Vertical and Horizontal Mouse Movement: in Fallout4.ini

    fMouseHeadingYScale=.021 -> fMouseHeadingYScale=XXXX

    XXXX replace with:
    .03738 if you have a 16:9 monitor.
    .042 if you have a 21:9 monitor.
    .028 if you have a 4:3 monitor.
    .0336 if you have a 16:10 monitor.
    [7] Wolfenstein The New Order/Wolfenstein The Old Blood etc.

    Some Optimalisation/Performance/Best Visual Options for OpenGL Engine used in Rage/Wolfenstein The New Order/Wolfenstein The Old Blood:

    c:\Users\*YourName*\Saved Games\MachineGames\Wolfenstein The Old Blood\base\wolftobConfig.cfg (please set it to Read Only !!)

    add in shortcut: "+toggle com_synctotime" (good for 120Hz LCD)
    jobs_numthreads 6 (CPU cores)
    r_usehardwaretextures 1
    vt_pageImageSizeUnique "8192" (texture related)
    vt_pageImageSizeVmtr "8192"
    vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 “8192"
    vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly “8192"
    vt_useCudaTranscode “0" (1 for nV GPU's)
    vt_useOpenCLTranscode "1" (for AMD GCN)
    vt_uncompressedPhysicalImages “1"
    image_anisotropy “16"
    image_useCompression “0"
    vt_maxPPF “64"
    vt_lodbias “-2" (sharp textures)
    hands_fovscale 1.0 (no weird FOV)
    view_blur_max 0 (no Blur)
    view_blur_min 0
    r_postprocessdofmode 1 (DOF Off if 0 )
    r_skippostprocess 1 (skip all effects)

    Here is my Config:

    s_voiceVolume_dB "3.721107"
    jobs_numthreads 12
    r_initialMonitor "0"
    r_mode "13"
    m_sensitivity "2.976041"
    vt_uncompressedPhysicalImages "1"
    vt_lodbias "-2"
    r_multiSamples "2"
    image_lodbias "-2"
    image_anisotropy "16"
    image_useCompression "0"
    in_joystick "0"
    vt_useOpenCLTranscode "1"
    r_usehardwaretextures 1
    vt_pageImageSizeUnique "16384"
    vt_pageImageSizeVmtr "16384"
    vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 “16384"
    vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly “16384"
    vt_useCudaTranscode “0"
    vt_maxPPF “128"
    vt_lodbias “-2"
    hands_fovscale 1.0
    view_blur_max 0
    view_blur_min 0

    [8] FrostBite Engine Games: BF:4,H, SW:BF, NFS etc.

    FrostBite Engine Games can benefit from this Tweaks:
    Works with: BF:4 BF:H SW:BF and NFS games etc.

    Remember not every FB Game uses the same Visuals for Rendering !

    if you Moded the Game and it won't start head here and check the Values used by it in the config location (open with Notepad or NP++)

    eg. BF4 -> C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Battlefield 4\settings
    file = PROFSAVE_profile

    RenderDevice.MantleEnabled 1 (Mantle API, and now thx to it we have VULCAN API)
    RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1 (DX11.0 base)
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1 (DX11.1 for Radeons, uses ACE)
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1 (tick this too )
    RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0
    Thread.MaxProcessorCount 6 (physical cores here)
    WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0
    WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0
    WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256
    WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0
    WorldRender.PlanarReflectionEnable 0
    RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 2
    PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0
    PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1 (shows FPS)
    GameTime.MaxVariableFPS 75 (FPS CAP)

    [8a] Mass Effect: Andromeda performance guide:

    My settings:

    Make: USER.CFG in ME:A folder:

    RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1
    thread.processorcount 8
    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 3
    GameTime.MaxVariableFps 61
    GameTime.ForceSimRate 60
    GameTime.MaxSimFps 60
    EntityFrustumCull.Enable 1
    EntityGridRenderQuery.UseTracingTerrainShadowCulling 1
    WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0

    All settings avaible in various FB3/4 Games:

    RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1
    RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1
    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 3
    WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0
    WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0
    WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 1
    WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 1
    WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 2048
    PostProcess.SpriteDofEnable 0
    PostProcess.SpriteDofHalfResolutionEnable 1
    GameTime.MaxVariableFPS 61
    GameTime.ForceSimRate 60
    GameTime.MaxSimFps 60
    DebrisSystem.MeshViewCullingEnable 1
    Enlighten.LocalLightCullingEnable 1
    EntityFrustumCull.Enable 1
    EntityGridRenderQuery.UseTracingTerrainShadowCulling 1
    Render.StaticModelCullSpuJobEnable 1
    Render.StaticModelPartCullEnable 1
    Render.StaticModelPartFrustumCullEnable 1
    Render.StaticModelPartOcclusionCullEnable 1
    Render.StaticModelPartShadowCullEnable 1
    Render.EdgeModelAdditionalCullEnable 1
    Render.EdgeModelCullEnable 1
    Render.EdgeModelFrustumCullEnable 1
    Render.EdgeModelOcclusionCullEnable 1
    PostProcess.ScreenSpaceRaytraceFullresEnable 1

    1 = On
    0 = Off
    MaxVariableFPS 61 = Your desired FPS in Game
    Also is good to try V-Sync On/OFF + Some

    [9] The Witcher 3 Tweaks etc.

    OK now its Time for W3

    The Witcher 3\bin\config\base\rendering.ini

    tu >
    HairWorksAALevel (default is 8) give 2 or 0
    GrassDensity=1600 (Uber is 2000)

    documents\Witcher 3\User.Settings
    Mine in [ ]

    cvMaxAllowedLightsNonShadows=40 - 25 [40]
    cvMaxAllowedSpeedTree=5000 [1100 ]
    cvMaxAllowedCharTextures=209715200 - give 30% less [209015200]
    cvMaxAllowedDecalsSS=160 - 90 [150]
    StripeHideDistance=60 - 40 [50]
    CascadeShadowDistanceScale2=1.5 - 1.0
    TextureStreamingDistanceLimit=200 - 160
    MaxAtlasTextureSize=2048 512,1024 to 4096 ( 4096, 2048 is OK)
    TerrainReadAheadDistance=140 - 90
    MaxTextureSize=2048 512,1024 do 4096
    HairWorksLevel=2 Hairworks [0]
    MaxCubeShadowSize=512 give 256
    CascadeShadowmapSize=3072 - give 1024, 2048

    Also give read only after edited cfg files ;-)
    [10] Batman AK Tweaks

    steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config - BmSystemSettings.ini

    Startup.swf give .BAK
    StartupNV.swf give .BAK

    Change MaxFPS=30.000000 to MaxFPS=120.000000 or 60.000000 etc.

    [11] Rise of the Tomb Raider Tweaks

    Here you have some GFX Switches to play with:

    (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Crystal Dynamics\Rise of the Tomb Raider\ Graphics)

    "AsyncCompute" in that location should be 1 (GCN Only)

    [11] TEKKEN 7 Tweaks

    Better Frame Times:
    Command line for this game (in Shortcut box or in Steam)

    -useall.availablecores -malloc=system -sm5.1 -dx11mt -pthreads 16

    SM 5.1 or 6.0 will work as is it on XboX !

    ^No dot(.) in useall....avaible^ ( -useal****ilablecores )

    pThreads is how many thread CPU have (i have 8/16 so i will put 16 in there)

    TEKKEN 7 suffers from some ridiculous Chromatic Aberration effects (when Post-Processing is set to High or Ultra). They are so ridiculous that make the entire screen look way too blurry. As such, we strongly suggest using the following guide in order to disable it.

    Head to Users/*user*/AppData/Local/TekkenGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/

    Open up ‘Scalability.ini’.
    This file will be blank. Simply add the following commands


    Save the file and make it as a “Read Only” file.

    [12] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (UE4.x) Tweaks

    Command line for this game (in Shortcut box or in Steam
    -> right click on the game and go to the properties, in the window that opens go to launch options)

    UE4.x engine Shader Tweaks in command line:
    SM 5.1 or 6.0 will work as is it on XboX !

    -sm6 (SM stands for Shader Model)

    -useall.availablecores -malloc=system -sm5.1 -dx11mt -pthreads 16

    -useall.availablecores -malloc=system -sm4 -dx11mt -pthreads 16

    ^No dot(.) in useall....avaible^ ( -useal****ilablecores )

    pThreads is how many thread CPU have (i have 8/16 so i will put 16 in there)

    Here is UE4 Settings file:
    (always do BackUp !!)
    C:\Users\*Name*\AppData\Local\HellbladeGame\Saved\ Config\WindowsNoEditor

    GameUserSettings.ini -> This one will be edited


    (Tweak for 10Bit Quality Monitors)

    Mouse sensitivity:

    Change variables: ie. 2 or 0.5 with +/- in these two lines:
    AxisMappings=(AxisName="Turn",Key=MouseX,Scale=1.0 00000)

    Also is good to add this at the bottom:

    All Here ->
    UPD_01 New ! -> Wolfenstein The New Order Config
    UPD_02 New ! -> pCARS optimalisation Config
    Please make sure to BackUp files in pCARS ->!NMNBzICb!oO2h06yMzA2nPq42UIjEfROJ6DXqm13rfyf5waPLcKI
    Please Put Power limit on GPU to 8% or 12% (in CCC or OC soft)

    Reserved for New Tweaks

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  3. OnnA

    OnnA Ancient Guru

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    UPD. IX.27.18
    Not all will be udated in Main Thread because of 20k lines limit in new Forum !
    I have new Posts here below Main ones for New Upd. & Tweaks !

    1. Right click to properties for Game
    2. Navigate to Compatibility -> check the "override high DPI scaling behavior" box, and hit "OK". (Application from drop-down menu)
    3. Run your game.
    Tested in R6 Siege and Game runs "easier" & overall is better.
    Some new Tweak:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power
    Set: HiberbootEnabled to 0 (0 is Off, 1 is On)

    It will force Windows to load all Devices & drivers for it, otherwise is set to Fast Boot.
    Texture LOD in UMD Tab:

    TextureLOD = -1
    TextureLOD_DEF = 31 or leave Default (Check in Game Bench)

    TextureOPT = 1 or leave Default
    TextureOPT_DEF = 31 or leave Default

    Also Tweak in reliVe Games Tab
    Texture Filtering Quality to = Standard (better Filt. is High)

    Creator Note:
    IMO not every Option in our RadeonMOD is Valid for every GPU this days, because there is lot of unused/obsolete registry entries & not everyone working for every GCN GPU.
    All Tweaks seems working for Fury or Vega GPU then is Tonga and so on.
    GCN 1 = Some working (Thaiti)
    GCN 2 = More Tweaks works (Hawaii)
    GCN 3 = Even More Tweaks works (Tonga based)
    GCN 4 = Almost all working (Fiji based)
    GCN 5 = All new working + some of older ones (Polaris based)
    VEGA = All new working + all older (Yes Vega is not GCN this one is NextGenGC)

    Usefull Tweaks & Info about DDR4 For ZEN

    How to make Autofire, Rapid Fire on Left Mouse Click with Roccat Nyth ?


    Macro settings for AutoFire x6 & 3x Burst Fire


    Make sure you'll have Profile keys Mirrored on SHIFT[+] Lock/Unlock Function and thats all :D

    Space for New Games Tweaks etc.

    All i do is for my use and from my personal experience !

    But i have My Blog, so i was thinking why not share my wisdom with others :)
    So there it is -> 4 All Gamers !

    Now it's only RadeonPRO + SB-z & X-Fi + some CCC tweaks in Registry (always better to look into Reg files in notepad and then edit for your GPU).

    But in time will be more Tweaks for Win8.1 and for CPU OC and stuff like that !

    All you need is on My Web Clouds: Mega, MediaFire and SkyDrv
    You have Mods, usefull free soft etc. etc.
    So yes will be updated in Time :nerd: and for now is RP+ working SweetFX 1.5.1 cuz' its faster and less buggy than 1.4 :bang:
    Also you have Reshade + SweetFX 2.0 beta 8

    -> Here ->

    New renderpaths for Radeon in FireFox

    about:config then search for:

    gfx.webrender.all = set to true
    gfx.webrender.enabled = set to true

    Why Adrenalin & Catalyst + my Reg Tweak*?

    We can adjust (Quality in mind) Aniso as well as AA for any Game
    It is somehow working also for FH3/FM7 and FH4 can use Chill + AA Override.

    *Reg Tweak:
    Catalyst w/Working A.I.

    Note: Adjust for your system in Adrenalin/Catalyst, also you can add some Resolutions into RegTweak e.g. I have 4096:2304 70Hz aka 4k etc.

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  4. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    UPD. to SweetFX 1.5.1 for RadeonPRO is on Mega now :D
    + UPD. to reshade directory with my SweetFX 2.0 settings :infinity:

    With SSAA no FPS impact noticed :banana:
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  5. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    project CARS

    Reserved for Tweaks

    Here some Alien Isolation screens with Tweak + RP & SweetFX





    project CARS In post no.3

    Here Gallery of pCars

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  6. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    UPD ! :banana:

    Witcher 3 XML config files snached (still we have to wait for GoG/Steam etc. release 19.V)
    On mY Mega in Witcher folder :)

    UBER sampling and Uber options confirmed !
    Ability to turn Off nV features confirmed ! (but not necesarily, cuz Game is Optimized for ATI/AMD also like FC4, so we can have HBAO etc. )
  7. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    Thank YOU very much Bratan'

    Don't have so much time, but i do my best.
    Still lot to do in Games :banana: 6-12h daily gaming.
    Now im finishing DyingLight 78% Done
    Now Back to p^Cars look into this gents: (and Now im Back to Assetto Corsa and Race07 + RR3 Free)

    After patches and new drivers + Win_X and DX12_11_0 renderer it's OK Game now :)


    Turn On Map HUD etc.

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  8. N0bodyOfTheGoat

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    Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB
    Interesting idea, struggling to get conclusive, reproducible results with the PhysX tweaks for pCARS.
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  9. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    Yep i try hard to get some Performance in pC.... :bang:
    But i do this for Gamers that love this Game... I hope they gain some FPS through my Tips&Trics :)

    But way better is Assetto Corsa, I sold my Account with pCars
    I dont need that game any more, and patches for it will happen maby in some 4-6 months (but we cannot disable GW) :thumbdown
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  10. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    UPD Witcher 3:

    RadeonPRO + SweetFX working NP :D
    Video 9/10
    Audio 9/10
    Gameplay 10/10
    Code Optimalisation PC 7/10 (could be better, wait for updates )

    Now -> I have average 52FPS
    1792:1344 Opt. Uber/Ultra/High Shadows Low, no AA, no Fur, HDAO+ On
    Game runs smooth as a butter, and looking Great ! GG Red's

    Here some screens ->

  11. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    The Witcher 3

    The Witcher 3 Tweaks etc.



    And New One with my own SweetFX Profile -> i will give a link soon


    And new one from my last profile (less colour)

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  12. Valken

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    Forsa 1060 3GB Temp GPU
    Hi Onna,

    Does RP + Reshade work in OpenGL?

    I am using Reshade for GZdoom and it works as a standalone.

    Would great to adjust settings in Radeon Pro.
  13. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    Hi Bratan' I think it will NP :D try to rename reshade32 to opengl32.dll
    or reshade64 and try, disable the SwettFX in RP.
    Then try My SweetFX with PR 1.5.1 still its more stable overall
  14. OnnA

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  15. OnnA

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    New Moded Catalyst from Win_X 15.200.10040 from June 8 working for WIN 8/7 x64

    I'm just changed how it looks in Win 8/7 now it will be read as the CAT 15.5beta ;-)
    And OpenCL also is working on GPU as intended.
    Based and THX goes to @asder00 for AMD_Catalyst_15.200.1040.0_June8-@asder00

    First download, run setup, after finish don't restart go to:
    device manager click on GPU and update drivers then point ->
    AMD_Catalyst_15.200.1040.0_June8-MOD15.5\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\ -> and click .inf file
    Wait after it finishes and hit restart.

    Sometimes it needs a special touch, so go to command prompt and paste:

    bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON

    To turn it on again, after instaling Moded drivers just use these commands:

    bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF!xEVy2CYb!ze6fGnkJABx26u3SxjZROKTPRnSRT99od7OjDWjrdPA
  17. OnnA

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    TiTan RTX Ampere UV
    Batman Arkham Knight

    Reserved 4 Tweaks

    Last edited: May 11, 2016
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  19. OnnA

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    Some Tweaks if you have CRT Monitor, you can disable in Registry some values (5-12FPS gain here) ->

    PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold = 1000 (4096) or even less ;-)
    StutterMode = 0


    Run CMD with Administrator Rights and copy this:

    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    And Turn OFF HPET:

    bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock (then reboot) disable HPET

    bcdedit /set useplatformclock true (then reboot) enable HPET (if you wanna revert)
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  20. someonelikeyou

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    RX 5700 XT
    Can you elaborate on that? I have a FX6300 + R7 260x AND a CRT monitor so I'm really interested in what this does.
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