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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Announced for PC

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. spex_2

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    interesting, never touched these ones. can you recon a specific build beyond 1.4.0?


    tested now build pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2253-g5d61f656e-windows-x86, it alocs more vram but at first glance i don`t see much of a improvement when it comes to ffxii, but hey - neat to have.

    new is always better :D thx for the hint
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  2. tsunami231

    tsunami231 Ancient Guru

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    all the git build have had massive improvements accuracy to opengl and more features added perrty sure they add 4 diffrent types of Texture filitering
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  3. Aura89

    Aura89 Ancient Guru

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    Do you even have the PS2 version of the game on PC? By that i mean, do you have International Zodiac Job System version of the PS2 game, the one that only released in Japan? My assumption is no, considering its only in japanese, which means there's quite a bit more to the game then just updated textures and etc.

    • The Zodiac Job System – There are now twelve License Boards, each one representing a job. Once a character chooses a job it cannot be changed. Isolated licenses can be accessed by unlocking Espers and Quickenings.
    • Trial Mode – The party must fight through 100 stages, each one containing stronger monsters. Completing this mode unlocks New Game+: Weak Mode.
    • Controllable guests – Guests can now be controlled, their gambits can be changed, and they can level up. Their equipment cannot be removed.
    • Controllable Espers – Espers can be controlled once summoned, and their gambits can be configured. The player can use their ultimate attack at will.
    • Turbo Speed Mode – Holding down [​IMG] speeds up the game, making exploring the world and engaging in battles faster. The music and cutscenes still play at normal speed.
    • Gambit changes – There are 16 new gambits. All the gambits can be bought upon leaving Barheim Passage.
    • Stat growth changes – Each character's stat growth has been altered slightly.
    • Item changes – New items have been added, and some of their effects have been slightly changed.
    • Enemy changes – Enemies have been changed slightly, plus new enemies have been added. A battle against all five Judge Magisters is also included as the ultimate Trial Mode challenge.
    • Magick changes – Water and Watera are renamed to Aqua and Aquara. Many spells have been re-categorized; Bravery and Faithare now White Magick for example. Cure and all tier 1 Black Magick elemental spells have an area of effect (same as their higher tier counterparts) instead of targeting a single unit. Not all magick can be bought, and some must be found in treasure chests.
    • Equipment changes – New weapons have been added, like the Excalipur, while others have been slightly changed. Armor and accessories have also been slightly changed. Some weapons have different elemental alignments.
    • Shop listings – Some shops have had their inventory changed.
    • Hunt reward changes - Rewards for defeating Marks have slightly changed.
    • Mist Knack (Quickening) changes – They no longer take up MP. Instead, they have their own separate gauge.
    • MP changes – Since Mist Knacks do not use MP, obtaining Mist Knacks does not increase MP. Instead, characters simply get more MP as they level up. Max MP is determined by the character's job.
    • New Game+ – Two New Game+ modes are available. Strong Mode, where all characters begin at level 90, and Weak Mode, where all characters begin at level 1 and never level up. Nothing carries over into these new save files.
    • Treasure respawns – Treasures now respawn by just moving one screen away.
    • Treasure item changes - Some items inside coffers have been switched around, added, or removed.
    • Break damage limit – There is no damage limit anymore. If a character does more than 9,999 damage, the game will show it. Against weak enemies, it is possible to deal 1,000,000+ damage with a single attack. This gives the strongest magick spells greater potency to rival melee attack with high hit combo.
    ^Some, if not all, the differences between what we've been able to play in the USA with the PS2 version, then the updated Japanese PS2 version.

    Then there's the Zodiac age differences, that include the previous list, plus:

    • Visual changes
      • High-resolution upgrades for backgrounds, character models, and all 2D parts including fonts
      • High-resolution upgrades for movie scenes
      • Introduction of current generation visual expression
      • A glitch concerning Dyce's character model has been fixed
    • Sound changes
      • 7.1ch surround support
      • High-quality voice support
      • English and Japanese voices (switch between them in the game configuration)
      • Original and newly re-recorded BGMs (switch between them in the game configuration)
    • Usability improvements
      • Shorter load times
      • Auto-save functionality added (game saves automatically when moving to each new screen)
      • Improved high-speed mode and improved play time operability during high-speed mode
      • An overlay map.
    • Gameplay
      • A Second Board license has been added to each license board, allowing players to assign an additional license board to each party member. Licenses are shared between both boards owned by a character.
      • Effect Capacity system that limited spell-casting in the PlayStation 2 versions has been removed.
      • Cure only heals a single target again.
      • In the International Zodiac Job System version, Trial Mode saves and game data saves are separated, because if the game data is overwritten by the Trial Mode save, the game data will be lost. In The Zodiac Age version, players can save Trial Mode data to their main game save and receive items, but overwriting that save with a main game save will erase the Trial Mode progress.
      • Espers' HP values have been doubled, but other stats kept the same as in Zodiac Job System.
    • Other
      • The bestiary in the PlayStation 2 versions shows illustrations of the enemies, but The Zodiac Age version shows 3D models instead.
        • There is an error in the bestiary for the seeq. Where "The Riddle of Myth" should appear, "Ahnas the Holy - Part Two" appears instead, later repeated in its proper place.
      • The Sky Pirate's Den was initially dumped in exchange for the trophy system. As of patch 1.04, the Den has been restored, and operates in concert with PSN trophies where applicable.
      • The introductory cinematic no longer plays when starting up the game. The player is taken immediately to the title screeninstead.
      • A new option is added to the title menu, "Credits." Selecting it plays a new credits sequence showing a number of credits new to the version of the game, and featuring a theme newly composed for the sequence by Hitoshi Sakimoto, "The Zodiac Age." The sequence features both scenes from the game and new original artwork.
    So i'd definitely say there's a bit more then just "basically updated/hi-res texture + movie, plus added bgm/soundtrack ", even if you had played the Japanese-only version, if you knew Japanese, that still wouldn't be the only changes. Though obviously the major changes since the USA PS2 version of the game were in the International Zodiac Job System version.
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  4. Khronikos

    Khronikos Master Guru

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    EVGA SC2 1080ti
    You cheap ass mofos can play your shitty emulated version. The remake is a shitload better in basically every way from UI to combat to graphics.

  5. Khronikos

    Khronikos Master Guru

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    EVGA SC2 1080ti
    Exactly, these fools are kidding themselves.
  6. spex_2

    spex_2 Member

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    first to aura89, yes there is a patch available you can apply to your disk image of the jap zodiac version and translate it to en-us. so yes i have the reworked version from japan. romhacking, modding and translating goes further back, then hacked versions of super mario world on the snes and translated psx and ps2 isos.

    final fantasy xii didn't got that much better with the zodiac update, its a nice addition but the vanilla game is going strong as it is.

    and khronikos? can you please grow up and don`t insult people? emulation is not about piracy, i assume this is where your going. we had for years only this way to play our once beloved games. my ps2 broke down in 2012, my original disks went down the river over time, i just had my backups left. my super snes still works fine and the games, but why would is use it? emulation provides a much better experience nowadays.

    just one example, how may i play "we love katamari" from the ps2 today or in 10 years, if there was no emulation? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katamari_(series)#Video_games it is almost impossible, to buy a new game and consoles are getting rarer and rarer.

    or lets take seiken densetsu 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiken_Densetsu_3 aka secret of mana 2. without emulation, rom hacking and translation, i take this bcus its a popular one, the game could never be played outside from japan. you cant buy it, it was never released outside of japan, it was never translated by the devs, but it is one of the best rpgs you can play on the snes.

    if i think back to my atari & my game gear, may he rest in peace. how should i play these old games, i cant buy them today anymore. think of the whole mame catalog, thousands of games, would be lost in time if it weren't for the devs of mame and the people providing the roms from the old arcades.

    there are just 1-2% of the old games remastered or ported to pc and new consoles, the majority is abandoned by the publishers.

    emulation is not about being cheap, its about preserving games history for the future. just because a few devs/pubs bring back a few games, does not render the work of the people behind emulation software obsolete or makes them illegal.

    i hope your where not only trolling champ and i did not just wrote this for your amusement.

    in the gsdx opengl plugin 20180112142120 correlating to pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2253-g5d61f656e-windows-x86 are 4 diff ways to filter yes:

    -bilinear wo sprites
    -bilinear forced
    -bilinear ps2

    so no, an improvement yes, but no better filtering :(
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